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The day of the PPV was hectic as usual. Wrestlers arriving at all hours, staff working to get the last minute kinks worked out. In the hallway stood Petey Williams, fresh off his victory of Taz. It wasn't a blowout victory, he just pulled it off, but it didn't matter to him. The fact that he did it infront of his Daughter was good enough for him. He wanted them with him for the PPV to see him defeat Scotty for the lightweight title. He knew Scotty was a tough opponent and he felt with his daughter there watching he could defeat anyone. He stood leaning against a wall in the hallway, black warm up pants that were fairly baggy on him and a black hooded sweatshirt with a red dragon the on the front. He had on a baseball cap and had the hood pulled up over that. He was waiting On Kelsey and Kara to get back, the two had wandered across the street to a Convenience Store...

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps from down the hall... Petey stands up, thinking it would be Kara and Kelsey, but instead, he was greeted by the sight of Ric Flair, Steve Borden, and Montanna Bischoff, who was still with Steve after his trip the previous night. They were dressed in casual travelling clothes, Ric in a gray Gold's Gym hooded sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, Steve in a dark blue Adidas windbreaker and matching Adidas windpants, and Montanna in a pair of jeans and a tight baby blue t-shirt with a sillhouette of a llama and the words "Tina, you fat lard!" Steve walked up to Petey, looked him up and down, then offered his hand.

Steve: Nice match against Taz on Monday.

Petey: *He was caught off guard.But extended his hand to Steve's* Thanks, only thing better would have been hitting the Canadian Destroyer on him eh?

Steve: *he smiled a bit* Yeah, would have softened him up a little for me... *he laughed*

Petey: maybe so..*he laughed* I'm pretty psyched. Maybe thats not the right word for me to use. I beat Taz, now I'm facing Scotty for the Lightweight title and my little girl is going to see it happen..

Montanna: Thats sweet...I'm gonna cheer for the both of you.

Ric: *looking in with a painfully confused look on his face* What the hell? I thought you hated this guy?

Steve: *turning around and patting Ric on the back* You really are out of it, old man... *he grinned* Petey, good luck with your match, man.

Montanna: Yeah Ric that is so 2 weeks ago. Yeah, good luck Petey, you'll do just fine..

Petey: Yeah thanks, finish off Taz, Eh?

Steve: I intend to... Ric, I'll tell you the story later. *he jerked his head down the hallway* We got some business to take care of... *he began walking away, with Ric and Montanna following behind*

Kelsey and Kara both found their way back to where Petey was standing and Petey picked up Kara and looked at Kelsey..

Petey: I've got an interview with Coach, You two can hang out in my dressing room until I'm finished..

Kelsey: Okay I guess we can do that..

Petey: Look I know this isn't fun for you right now, but I have to get the business aspect taken care of then I'm all yours until showtime. Okay..

Kelsey: *she smiled and nodded* Okay.

Petey: Great, because you are looking at the new Intercontinental Champion..*he Kissed Kara on the cheek and she giggled as he handed her over to Kelsey and kissed her on the cheek too as he walked off down the hall looking for Coach. When he found him they set up for the interview..*

Coach: Petey, your personal problems have been well documented. How are you coping with things in keeping in line with the real world?

Petey: My personal Problems are no longer the issue Coach. I think I've proven to many that I've beaten the demons that tortured my soul, and I've overcome all odds. I've got two very important pieces back in my life, and I feel whole again..

Coach: Two very important pieces?

Petey: My daughter and Her mother. We are far from being the quote unquote happy family, but things are going very well and in return has helped me get back on my game here in the EBWF.

Coach: And back on your game, you do seem to be as you pulled off a major upset victory over Taz last week. Your thoughts on that?

Petey: Explain to me why its sucha major Upset Coach? I know that I'm talented and I could beat anyone when I'm on my A Game, so why was it such and upset victory?

Coach: Well, Taz is the Intercontinental Champion and he was on a big winning streak, and as I said earlier, you've had problems as of late. Regardless of whether or not one could consider it an upset, any thoughts on the match itself?

Petey: Coach, tonight, I go one on one with Scotty 2 Hotty for his Lightweight Championship. The Lightweight Division, a Division I can excell in. You Remember a little promotion called TNA don't you Coach. I owned the X-Division. A Division that showcased the talents of highflyers and technical wrestlers alike. I held the X-Division title, beating the likes of AJ Styles, amongst others. I may have just found the place for me in the EBWF. See Coach I know that Scotty 2 Hotty is not to be taken lightly and I am not taking him lightly. However I can't be taken lightly either, because its been proven that when i'm underestimated I've beaten my opponents, for example Taz..The Intercontinental Champion. I've been showing that I'm no longer the pushover I once was. Forget what has happened in the past, I'm focusing on my future now. I am no longer the man that first came to the EBWF. I owe Eric Bischoff and Torrie Wilson, more than anyone could ever know. The two of them have helped me become a better person, and both have decided to back me up and support me in what I do. Words can't describe the appreciation I have for the two of them, and I can only hope that tonight when I defeat Scotty for the Lightweight Title, that it will be thanks enough. I know they both want me to succeed and tonight could be the night that I bring home the Lightweight Title. But you know what Coach? Win or lose, its not a big deal to me, Granted I want to beat Scotty and become the Lightweight Champion, but I know Coach that i've got plenty of opportunties in my future. So if this time doesn't go how I'd like it to, then so be it, I know I'll hold EBWF gold again. So Coach with that being said, I'm going to go spend some time with those two very special People I mentioned earlier that complete me and that will get me ready for my match.

Petey walks away from Coach and heads back to his dressing room to meet back up with Kelsey and Kara.


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