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No music plays as Petey Williams makes his way to the ring. Not sporting any Team Canada Gear, but instead wearing blue jeans, and a black muscle shirt with a red dragon on the chest. He gets into the ring and requests the Microphone..

Petey Williams: I've come out here before all of you to be a man. I have something I need to get off my chest, and for that to happen I need Simon Dean and Midajah to come out here.

Team Canada's music hits as Simon Dean and Midajah walk to the ring wondering whats going on.

Petey Williams: Simon, Midajah I'm out here to say I'm a sorry excuse for a Canadian. Most Importantly I'm not worthy of being a part of Team Canada. You both have achieved success and I'm tailing behind. I don't want to be the dead weight you two have to carry.

Simon Dean: Don't worry about it Petey man. Its a slump, It'll get better.

Petey Williams: I don't think so Simon.

Simon Dean: SO what are you saying?

Petey Williams: I'm saying I quit Team Canada. I won't be responsible for holding your two back.

He dropped the microphone and hopped out of the ring walking up the ramp leaving Simon and Midajah in the ring looking at eachother. Midajah Tells Simon something and he slides out of the ring catching up to Petey and seemingly arguing all the way backstage...

Later On....... Infomercial Music hits as Simon Dean walks out in his original Baby Blue Work out Suit. Carrying a Simon System Gym Bag. He didn't seem too thrilled as he got into the ring and grabbed the Microphone..

Simon Dean: This is so difficult. Normally Simon Dean is high energy, but I'm upset. Why might you ask. Well Earlier you all saw Petey Williams walk out on Team Canada. This couldn't come at a worse time. See I've got a match with a philisophical maniac of a man. Sean O'Haire might not of won his match on Raw against Shannon Moore, but that makes him a bigger threat to myself. He is angry and more determined to hurt somebody and that somebody is me. Look at me Sean. I'm a good looking man, this face sells my product. You Can't mess it up. You wouldn't want to be responsible for all the morbidly obese people in the world would you? I didn't think so. This leads me back to you Petey. I can't take Midajah out to the ring with me, She could get hurt. Petey, I need you to watch my back. Help me out, you aren't worthless, and Don't worry about Midajah, She'll come around, you're a stud Petey man. Look at your, you're ripped, you're a firecracker ready to Explode. You'll get Midajah to notice you..

Midajah comes walking down to the ring. She gets in grabbing another microphone.

Midajah: Petey Left.

Simon Dean: What?

Midajah: I said Petey Left. I watched him get in a limo and take off..

Simon Dean: But what am I gonna do about Sean O'Haire?

Midajah: Beat him. I'm coming to the ring with you Simon, You need moral support. Sean O'Haire won't touch me. I can fend for myself, you just worry about you.

Simon Dean: Okay, if you say so Midajah...

Simon's Music hits again as they both head backstage....


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