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Team Canada's Music hits as they all walk out onto the stage. All of them dressed similar. Blue jeans, and open Team Canada Jerseys on Petey and Simon. Midajah the same wearing a black sports bra top under her jersey. Midajah leads the way and Petey and Simon Follow, Petey Waving the Canadian Flag. They all go to the ring and Uncharacteristically Midajah goes over requesting the Microphone..

Midajah: I know this is Unusual having me on the Microphone. Truth is I'm a woman of few words. Mostly in part because I've always been told to be seen, not heard. As in I'm a beautiful woman you shouldn't be yapping your gums but instead out there flaunting what I have because thats what Men want to see.. That was until I met Simon Dean and Petey Williams, collectively known as Team Canada. They've changed my whole view on everything. They treat me like an equal instead of some cheap bimbo like everyone else has. They treat me like I lady should be treated and they allow me to speak my mind whenever I feel like it. So with that said allow me to enlighten you as to what you will be seeing tonight on Raw. Before my Triple Threat match with Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson, for Torrie's EBWF women's Title, You'll see none other than Team Canada's Own Petey Williams be crowned King of the Light Heavyweights. He'll be sure to comment on his opponents later. Right now its My time to be out here and tell the world what I think. Set your VCRs at home because this is a rare occureance seeing me talk.

Midajah: Trish Stratus has already run her mouth and openly disgraced the great country of Canada. Not to mention talking trash about Team Canada and how we're a disgrace to Canada. Trish maybe if you'd stop meddling in other people's lives you could concentrate on your career and possibly win a match or to, instead of whining and complaining how you were screwed out of matches. Trish you say we make you feel bad about being grouped with us as a Canadian Wrestler. Trish I've got news for you, you aren't a canadian wrestler, you are a Canadian with a nose in other people's business. You are the one who is the disgrace to Canada. I'll be the first to admit that my previous appearances here in the EBWF haven't been the best. I lost to Torrie Wilson in a Evening Gown match of all things. But times change Trish and lately I've been improving, waiting for my opportunity to shine and Shine I will when I step into this ring later one to Face not only You Trish but Torrie Wilson. The only thing I'll go on record as saying is you definantly will not walk out of Raw with the Women's Title. I'll guarantee that. The women's Title should be held by someone with Class. Not some blonde, I can't get my own life straight so I screw with others bitch. That is you Trish Stratus, a whiney baby, that can't admit that you are out of your own league. You say I'm out of my league, I think you should look in the mirror and tell us what you see. Thats your reflection looking back at you and can you honestly say that you are good enough to be the women's champion. I don't think you can, once again stemmed to your wanting to worry about everyone else's personal lives and messing with them instead of concentrating on yourself. Trish that is your downfall and you can damn sure bet I'll use that to my advantage, and Torrie being the intelligent champion she is will obviously pick up on that as well. Trish I can agree with Torrie when she calls you jealous. You are jealous of everyone else's success and choose to insult and accuse everyone you don't like of horrid things. Did I hear you say that I must be sleeping with Wes Ikeda to get into this match. I don't have to sleep around to get what I want. My determination has shown Tony, Ashlee and Wes that I want to be here. Not all of my outings have been great but I've kept at it. So maybe they feel that giving me this opportunity will help me step up and show that I am in the same league as you think you are. Think about it Trish, you really aren't in any league, well not a wrestling league, but if this was butting into other's business 101 you'd be the top ranked...

Midajah Pauses for a moment and looks around as the fans are seemingly accepting her for once..

Midajah: See there is one thing I've learned in my short stay her in the EBWF. That is if you want Respect, you've gotta show respect in return. If what I'm hearing from you, the EBWF Fans is true, I've finally earned some of your respect. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that don't like myself or Team Canada but we are going to be the Key players in the EBWF. We are the Future, the Future Champions. After Petey Williams is Crowned the King of the LIghtweights I'll be awarded the women's title and I'll hold it high and hold it with class and dignity as it has been held with already...The women's title is one title that has never been given the proper respect it deserves. Its looked down on as a secondary title to the World Title and the Lightweight Titles. Its time that the women of EBWF step it up a notch or 20 and show everyone in EBWF, all the fans, all the guys, everyone that we aren't second best, that we are worthy of holding the main events at shows, we are worthy of having the torch passed to us and letting us lead the company. Its time that we show everyone that we not only look good, but we have wrestling skills that we are just as dangerous as any man in this ring. We need to step up Ladies and show that we are the Diva's of the EBWF and that we are here to stay. We can't sit back any longer, well all need to do our part to help prove that we aren't just pretty faces.

Petey and Simon both clap as the camera focuses back on Midajah..

Midaja: Which leads me to you Torrie Wilson...

The crowd erupts at the mention of her name..

Midajah: Seems you've got quite the following here. I don't just hear men cheering I hear women too. Obviously women that look up to you and would give anything to be as gifted as you are in the looks and talent department. Torrie Wilson is a true Women's Champion and I offer you this proposal Torrie. You and I have no problem, but we obviously both have a problem with Trish Stratus. I vow that we take her out, take the Trash..I mean Take Trish out of the match early and then you and I can have a one on one, fair and clean fight for the women's title. Being we are both ladies of class and dignity, we don't need Trish Stratus tainting our match. Torrie Wilson I would love nothing more than to win the Women's title from you, knowing i'd have some pretty large shoes to fill, but knowing that I've taken the title from the best, that I beat the best the EBWF has to offer at this time. Torrie I know that you'll agree with me when I say that we need to take a stand and show everyonen what we got and thats why I'm asking that win or lose, whatever the outcome of the match, that you and I stand side by side and help lead the way, start forging the path to Women's dominance in the EBWF.

Midajah: Torrie I've heard you express your concerns for Lucas and I give you my word that I wouldn't lay a hand on a child, unlike Trish, I have motherly instincts. Plus I'm woman enough to fight people my own size. Torrie, Petey Williams and Simon Dean will not be at ringside with me, unlike Trish I don't need my guys to come to the ring with me for my matches, right now they are simply out here for support. Thats just so you know that I'm out here tonight in our match to do things on my own. I don't need help, I'll prove once and for all that I'm worthy of Stepping into the Ring with you for a shot at your Women's Title. I've been reviewing all of your interviews and heard all you've had to say. You don't have to tell me to look at your Record, I've given you all your props, I've never questioned your Title Reign. I'm happy that you've found the man of your dreams and so what he just happens to be the Owner of the EBWF. I think its absolutely awesome, I'm happy, I can see it in your eyes and your facial expressions that you are too whenever you see him pass by. Thats great, but I can't agree with you saying you'll leave Trish Stratus and myself lying in our own blood after the match. Trish Stratus Maybe, but myself, no way. Torrie I have nothing but the upmost respect for you but you won't be leaving Raw with the women's title. You've held the title long Enough Torrie, you've done an awesome job, even wanting to break Victoria's record, but you've come a long way only to fall short when you step into the ring with me. Torrie I'm ready for this, I want it, I want to win. The Title needs new flavor and I'm that flavor. I'm a little dark, but still as dignified and respectable as you are.

Midajah: See Torrie I expect nothing less than your A Game. I know you've been training hard and you will pose a difficult Challenge in my quest for the women's title, but I to have been working, working damn hard to ensure I'll be ready to fight the likes of Trish Stratus and yourself. As I've said Trish is too wrapped up in other people's lives to be effective in this match, I expect to drop her faster than every one night stand she has ever been with. Leaving you and me Torrie to put on the match of a lifetime that they will talk about for weeks to come saying, "that was Pay Per View material" It was the best women's match they've seen in a long while. It'll propel both of us to new heights. I also know Torrie that keeping that TItle is very important to you, you said you'll do anything to keep it. I don't blame you, by any means necessary is harsh. It can also come back and kick you in the ass. When obcessed with keeping the title you may forget to focus on other things and I'll be the one to capitalize on it. I specialize in taking advantage of other's mistakes. Torrie you make few but I will find them and when I do, You'll be sitting there after the 3 count and see me standing there holding the women's title high in the air for all to see, and to everyone's suprise they'll be cheering. NOt just because someone dethroned you, but because it'll have been the best match they've seen between women competitors..

Midajah drops the microphone to a mixed reaction as Petey and Simon hold the ropes for her as they all exit the ring and head backstage...

A while later the camera catches Midajah alone with Petey Williams. THey both stand in the small room stretching out.

Petey Williams: I'm impressed.

Midajah: Whys that?

Petey Williams: I'm impressed with how far you've come in a short period of time. It'll be the icing on the cake watching you win the EBWF Women's Title. I'm also proud that you've come this far..Takes a lot of heart.

He moves over closer to Midajah as she stands up straight pushing her hair back out of her face and nods to him.

Midajah: That means a lot. Its great to feel so secure with two guys. You and Simon are great friends to me. I'd never have gotten the courage to speak out there if it wasn't for. well mostly you Petey, you've helped me realize that I'm so much more than eye candy. You've become like my best friend here in the EBWF and I'm glad I can trust..

She reached her arms out hugging him tight then backing away..

Midajah: I've gotta go, almost match time...Thanks again..

She exited the room as the camera focused back on Petey, with a discouraged look on his face...

Petey Williams: *sounding Discouraged too* Yeah best friends...

He shakes his head and exits the room himself going to get ready for his match...

Minutes before the match the camera is focused on The Coach as Midajah is heading his way. She is seemingly ready and in her gear which consists of black short style tights like Both Petey and Simon had been wearing, with a red maple leaf on the front and Team Canada on the back. Her sports bra top black with Midajah in red across the chest. Her long black hair tied back and the ponytail itself in small braids. She stops when Coach flags her over..

The Coach: Midajah you are just moments away from facing Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson for the EBWF Women's Title. You look ready, but what are you last minute thoughts?

Midajah: My Last minute thoughts? Coach yo make this sound like I'm being walked down death row and I should have some last words or something. This isn't the case, I have a major opportunity infront of me which I will capitalize on and leave with the Women's Title, its as simple as that. So you want some last minute thoughts I've got them right here. I'm thinking about when I stand before everyone as the new women's champion and I can finally say I've arrived in the EBWF.

The Coach: Very confident words from seemingly the underdog in the match..

Midajah: Coach, if I were you, I'd vote on the underdog if you say that is me. I'm not leaving tonight without the title, so if I'm the underdog, so be it, I'll prove that I'm good enough to be put in high profile matches and that I can be the Women's Champion. Coach I am ready, More prepared than I've ever been for any match and tonight I'll shine. In a way Coach I'm the Leader of Team Canada, I mean I lead the way to the ring, I lead my guys into battle and what better than a Leader with gold. It shows that I can not only lead my guys but I can hold my own in the ring and that I can hold a championship.

The Coach: Well Torrie has made it pretty clear she wants to Break Victoria's Record. Torrie is so close to it aswell.

Midajah: Coach like i've said I have respect for Torrie and her accomplishments but times are going to change. I'm going to end that dream before it becomes a reality. As bad as I feel about it, I also look at the bright side knowing that I will get an opportunity at that title reign. If I win so be it, I'll hold the title with Pride and dignity as Torrie Wilson does now, otherwise I'll chalk this one up to experience and hopefully face Torrie again. I just can't help but feel really good, I'm ready for this, I'm ready to be the EBWF Women's Champion..I can taste it Coach, its so close, in a few minutes my music will hit and I'll walk to that ring with my head held high, I'll wrestle one hell of a match and then I'll leave with not only my head held high but the EBWF women's Title raised high for all to see as well..With that Coach I think I hear my music and its time for me to back up my talk...

The Coach: Good luck Tonight Midajah...

Midajah stretches out a little and heads to the stage area as the camera fades to black....

OOC: Good Job Tammi..I feel Double Teamed..LOL If this isn't enough I don't know what would be..BLAH I want to do more but I can't type anymore My carpaltunnel is acting up and my right fingers won't move...BLAH Anyways..OUCHIE..*CRIES*

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