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Backstage Petey Williams is stretching out, getting ready for his match with Faarooq. He looks up as a Shadow is cast upon him and sees none other than Simon Dean.

Simon Dean: Petey Williams, I've been watching you and I like what I see. The EBWF is not utilizing your talents though.

Petey Williams: Yeah, your point Being?

Simon Dean: Recently I moved to Windsor myself. I work to make fat people fit, but lets face it who wants to live in a country full of fat slobs. Not to mention Canada is better priced.

Petey Williams: I'm not following you.

Simon Dean: Hear me out, since you've been under utilized and well I've won gold, I think our in ring skills are similar and well I think we should team up and win Tag Team Gold. A new Canadian to Canadian. *Smiles*

Petey Williams: You know what Simon, You actually made sense.

Simon Dean: I thought in tribute to you and your Country we could go by Team Canada.

Petey Williams: I'm like that. I led Team Canada in TNA.

Simon Dean: But to make things more interesting, I figured since we are both in great shape, we'd can the Scott D'Amore looking manager and here is what I found.

Another shadow is seen but the camera doesn't get a shot of who. Petey's eyes grow wide as he breaks his serious nature and actually smiles.

Petey Williams: I Accept.

Out in the arena a souped up guitar version of Oh Canada hits and out walks Petey Williams and Simon Dean. Both wearing Blue jeans and open Team Canada Baseball Jerseys. Petey's has Williams and the number 16 on the back and Simon's has Dean and the 00 on the back. They both walk to the ring and get in, Simon grabs the microphone.

Simon Dean: As you all can see your favorite Fitness guru has come out here before you to show you that hard work and my Simon System can make all things possible. Petey Williams and Myself have decided to team together and show everyone what a real team is. But before all is said here and Petey says a few words on his match with Faarooq, I'd like to introduce you all to Team Canada's very own Fitness Model.

Their music hits again and out walks a dark beauty.

Long black hair, a body that is fit and full of assets. She wears black shiny vinyl pants and a red vinyl sports bra top with a black Canadian maple leaf on the chest, also wearing an open Team Canada Jersey the name Midajah on the back with the number 10 on it..She walks down and Petey holds the ropes for her as she stands between the two of them

Simon Dean: Hot, The very Sexy Midajah. Hey Petey bet you are thinking less and less of Lita.

Petey just nods as Midajah leans into him with her arm around him.

Simon Dean: Ladies of the EBWF, this is what a real woman looks like. Not skin and bones, eats right and exercises. Midajah makes you all look like you need to eat a few more meals a day. As I said now that you see The complete Team Canada here, I'll pass the Microphone to Petey so he can discuss his match with Faarooq.

Petey Williams: *taking the microphone* Everything Simon Dean has said is True. I am highly talented and the EBWF hasn't utilized me. For that I haven't been able to showcase my talents on TV. Then finally I get a match on Raw and its against Faarooq. Maybe its discrimination, I mean I'm not an American, I'm Canadian. Maybe one Canadian Champion is all they allow in the EBWF. Which my props go out to you Christian, its nice to see a Canadian on Top. So I get to showcase my skills against Faarooq and really I have nothing to say about it. Faarooq is a big guy and my Canadian Destroyer may not do the trick, so sticking to my technical wrestling skills will have to do the trick. Everyone should bring their cameras, this could be the last time you see Myself compete soley in the singles division. As of the 3 count when I beat Faarooq I declare myself in the running with Simon Dean for the EBWF Tag Team Championships, and we'll go through whatever Teams we must to get the Gold. We will not stop until Team Canada dominates the Tag Team Division and the EBWF Tag Team Gold is around our waists, and there is nothing anybody can do to stop us..

Oh Canada hits again as Williams drops the microphone and they all exit the ring and head up the ramp going backstage....

OOC: "This is my way of saying I want in the tag team division"

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