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Midajah had been doing a lot of thinking. Was she really going anywhere in the EBWF. Her Immediate answer to herself was No. Sure she had won the women's title, only to lose it a week later, but she still didn't feel accomplished. Life in wrestling was not what she wanted. She had other opportunities and she would fulfill those. She thought about modeling and how much money and fun she had while doing that, it was the logical decision...

Her music hit as she made her way to the ring, she got in and took the Microphone and began to speak..

Midajah: What can I say? I've had a fun run here in the EBWF but I honestly don't think this is my calling. So Tonight I go out with a bang so to speak with a very talented lady by the name of Lita... She is an accomplished wrestler, very talented and I don't compare, but I'll try to make things a little harder on her. I just can't promise anything because my heart is not 100 percent in it tonight. For that I apologize to my fans and want you all to know that this will not be the last you see of me.. Just keep watching and soon I'll be back not to the EBWF or wrestling, but doing something I'm more fitted for..Thank you..

She blows kisses to the fans and gets out of the ring heading backstage...

OOC: I'm Dropping Midajah cause she Sucks and I I'll just suck now with one character..Go me..I apologize to Sunny for Sucking..:)

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