Petey Williams

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In the ring stands Jonathon Coachman..

Coach: Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce to you, the Canadian Destroyer, Petey Williams.

Always by Saliva hits as Petey Williams walks out onto the stage, in his wrestling gear which is once again all black. He walks to the ring and gets in standing next to Coach..

Coach: Petey Williams, Earlier we all heard what RVD had to say about his match with you later on. He basically said he doesn't even know your name..

Petey Williams: Coach, RVD doesn't know my name, thats fine, but after tonight He won't forget who I am again. I'm Due, Its my time. The King of the Ring Tournament didn't work out in my favor, but Still I'm here at King of The Ring to make an impact and tonight I do that against none other that, The Self Proclaimed, "MR.PPV" IS that supposed to impress me? Some might think RVD's comedy act is cute, Well I don't. Calling me Pauly and saying he doesn't care what my name is. Rob You will care once I finish with you tonight. I'm Petey Williams, "The Canadian Destroyer". The Difference between us Rob is I know what you say isn't you talking. ITs all the weed you smoke backstage. How is that Cool?

Coach: RVD also said that the Show will be over after he faces you.

Petey Williams: I heard, because he claims to be the Whole F'n Show.. He is sadly mistaken. He can claim that all he wants, but I will show him why this match will be over, its not because he beats me, no it'll be because I destroy him and I end the match on my terms. RVD Tonight I will hit the Canadian Destroyer and beat you 1..2..3.. Its that simple. Rob we have some things in Common, you come from ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling, very impressive, You fly and use some very innovative moves, then there is myself. All your moves combined do not equal the Innovation, the casualties caused by My Canadian Destroyer, undoubtly the most devastating move in the EBWF. Some will Argue, but they are just fooling themselves. Soon enough you will all realize I speak the truth and soon I will make the impact I've been meaning too and I will Win gold and display it proudly, dedicating it to Canada. So Dude, RVD, Rob Van DUH.....Mr. PPV, you can use any name you want, but the only name you need know is...PETEY WILLIAMS, and You will be Destroyed.....

Petey's Music hits again as he goes to the corner and climbs up raising his arms, then jumping down getting out of the ring heading backstage...He walks until he runs into Simon Dean, Midajah Standing by his side....

Simon Dean: Petey Williams, This is far from over. After tonight, I want you on Smackdown. We've got to settle this once and for all.

Petey Williams: You get the match signed Simon, and its on. Smackdown, Raw, it doesn't matter to me, I'll destroy you and Your Little Slut too....

Petey pushes past them as Midajah looks disgusted and Simon looks P! the Camera fades to Black..

Petey Williams is seen standing by a corner, talking to someone but they aren't in view..

Petey Williams: Tonight marks a new beginning, you'll see. IT'll be the first of many you can count on that. Tonight I destroy the Stoner and On Smackdown granted the request is granted, I will destroy Simon Dean, once and For ALL... But first things first, I better get ready for my match later on. I know Rob Van Duh will pull out all the stops to humiliate me but tonight will not be his night, the Canadian Destroyer will Reign Supreme. I'll show everyone why I should be the King of the Ring. *Talking to the shadowed Figure* You are right, I'm already a King...

He turns and walks away as the shadow figure dissappears..


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