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Survivor Series it was just that. This night would put former allies against one another. It would be David Flair, Triple H, and "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon against The Three Amigos, Sting, Ric Flair and DDP. Arik Cannon had arrived the night before Survivor Series and surprisingly went straight to the hotel. He didn't go out and party, hit the clubs, or anything. He instead sat in his hotel room, updating his personal website and thinking about the possibilities a match like this would have. They were endless, but a few weighed heavy on his mind. He knew that before anything Sting and Flair would want to get rid of him. Take him out of the equation. He knew for a fact as well that there would be bloodshed and he knew he'd be likely to bleed. He'd seen these matches before and knew it'd be extremely brutal. He'd be lucky to walk out with a wrestling career still intact.

The next morning he found himself at the arena. He found his dressing room and dropped his bags off and changed into his proverbial war gear. Tonight consisted of a simple black shiny pleather beater top, black and red pleather pants. One leg said Cannon the other had an Anarchy symbol shown proudly. He had since grown his hair out just enough to form it into a mohawk again. He has a good reason for this, he knew he was on Shannon's Shit list and he made sure he stayed there and showed Shannon Moore that "The Anarchist" wasn't going to allow some 5 foot nothing punk princess intimidate him.

He exited his dressing room and walked down the hall. He finally stopped by the dressing room of his Allies for the evening. Instead of knocking he just walked in.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Look, this isn't a social visit. I came to discuss Strategy.

David Flair: Okay.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: First things first, they are weaker now than ever.

Triple H: Why? What Makes you say that kid?

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Well I saw Sting and his gal pal at the Airport and they didn't seem to close. Well my suspicions were confirmed in the middle of the night when I was out making a late night visit to the vending Machine and I saw her, bags in hand rushing down the hall. My friend's she left.

David Flair: are you sure?

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Yes I'm positive. Advantage to us. You remember the deal right?

Triple H: Yes kid, you get Sting.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Thats right, I get Sting. I have some business to settle with him and tonight I will do just that while we are inside a cage. Lets just say I'm gonna add insult to his already injured pride. I'll see you guys out there..

He turned and walked out of their dressing room and was on his way to the ring. In the arena fans were going a little stir crazy as Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols hit and Arik Cannon stepped out onto the stage to a mixed reaction. He walked down the ramp like he was on a mission and walked up the ring steps climbing into the ring and walking over grabbing a microphone.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Tonight is Survivor Series, as fitting name for the match I will be competeing in tonight. Tonight War Games will be under way. Seemingly a match fitting for a guy who calls himself the Anarchist. The 3 Amigos comprised of Sting, Ric Flair, and Diamond Dallas Page. Their team name should be Los 3 viejos individuos. I know its not like me, but I'm actually worried. I mean I love inflicting pain on others, but I feel a little bad that I'm going to cripple 3 old men. Then again, you know what, I don't feel bad at all. See I think about what those 3 old guys want to do to me and it takes away any feeling of guilt I may have. Then again I really don't care, so I suppose you can say I lied. It wouldn't be the worst thing anyone has ever said about me.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Many people say I have an attitude problem and I need to learn to shut my mouth. Well all I can say to that is, You obviously don't know me very well. I say what I want, when I want. If I feel like saying someone sucks, I say it. In fact I'll say something thats on my mind right now. Shannon Moore...So I'm on your shit list. I'm trembling in my boots. You don't like me because of my bad attitude and more importantly my hair. See contrary to what you may think, I didn't steal your hair style. No I've been wearing it off and on all through my career. Face it, this is me. I will not allow your Punk Princess Ass to intimidate me. I don't get intimidated easily Shannon. Now I can admit you are exceptional in the ring, but your in ring ability has never clashed with the likes of mine. Someday you will and I will introduce your head to the Glimmering Warlock and when I knock you out, you'll realize that you shouldn't attempt to control Anarchy.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Now back to War Games. I'd like to start off by commenting on what my partners had to say about myself. See the truth is they can't trust me and I'm glad they can see that. However tonight is a night of firsts. See I can coexist with David and Triple H for a common goal. Like them I have a score to settle and everything to prove. I've already beaten Sting in singles competition and knocked him senseless and made him bleed. What I do tonight will not even compare. What happened before was a walk in the park, tonight will be Total Anarchy. I've declared myself the Leader of this team. Triple H is the veteran and David Flair is the Perfection Personified, and I'm The Anarchist, which in my opinion over rules all and makes me the bonified leader. Who better to lead the team into War.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Back to the unfortunate souls who are our opponents. Ric Flair, the father of David Flair who just happens to be on my team. War Games, much like the Civil War, Revolutionary war and others pits Fater against Son. Ric Flair in your prime you were a 16 time world champion, you were the dirtiest player in the game. Well its time to move over old man and allow the young studs to take over. Your son is one of the elite and its time for him to knock you off the thrown and put you out of your misery. Ric Flair you can Woooo all you want, you can strut your stuff but you better get it out of your system, because after tonight you will not be able to strut. You'll be lucky if you can walk when War Games is over. I will cripple your ass Flair, I will show you what pain is. I will show you Anarchy at its Finest. Then again I might just let Hunter and David take care of you, I know they have a score to settle.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Diamond Dallas Page..Mr. Bang himself, DDP. Wait a minute that sounded bad. Oh well I'm the Anarchist this is a Pay Per View I can say whatever I want. No limitations whatsoever. So I'll just come right out and say it. DDP you are washed up, as has been in the wrestling business. When WCW went out of business and you went to WWE I laughed. Just like I imagined, you didn't do a damn thing. You wanted to make them feel the bang, the only thing they felt was the sudden urge to hang themselves. Do the words BORING ring a bell. All through your matches I'd hear the fans Chanting...BORING....BORING...BORING. Oh how the truth hurts. Even the Undertaker couldn't put you over. Now thats not a bad thing...Thats a good thing, because we didn't have to see you or hear you talk. Now all of a sudden you show up here in the EBWF to join Forces with the Old Man Squad. I can honestly say you are even more boring here in EBWF than you were in WWE. Sad really, most would take that as a Sign that they need to retire and find another line of work. DDP I'm going to do you a favor tonight at War Games. I'm going to make sure you can't wrestle again, then you won't have to make the decision of Retiring, I'll make it for you. I can guarantee you've never been in the ring with an Anarchist and you have no clue. Diamond Dallas Page, Like Flair you won't be walking out of Survivor Series, You'll be carried out on a stretcher and with that said It'll bring me to my Main focus of the evening...

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: My main focus is on you STING! When we both step into the cage you'll have no where to run. Don't think for one moment I've forgotten what happened when we first met. You got in my face, and in return I got into yours. We stepped into the ring and I handed you, your ass. Don't forget IWA Mid South. Where you got your ass kicked by some of the best Indy Wrestlers there are today. Guys that haven't been given their chance to move up into the big time and show what they are made of. You felt first hand what they can do. We stick together Sting, something you should have taken into consideration before you ran your mouth on my turf. What do you have to show for things now Sting. You were there to really spy on your girlfriend, and now you have NO GIRLFRIEND. *He laughs* Man I saw her leaving the hotel in the middle of the night with her bags and I realized that she finally came to her senses. Who knows Sting, maybe just maybe she'll accompany David to the ring just to Rub it in your face, then again maybe she went back home and is in bed right now with The Trendsetter Josh Abercrombie. We all know they have chemistry together. Its all eating away at you isn't Sting. Your once perfect life is now falling apart. Just think you don't have to Kiss Eric Bischoff's ass anymore. Thats gotta be a plus, but you will have to fight your own battles now, I know that Montanna could clear things up pretty quick. Had I not knocked her out there in IWA she might of been able to call the guys off of you. Or maybe I didn't knock her out just appeared to and she still chose not to do anything. Man it could go either way and I'm going with the second. Its been a long time coming Sting. Lets face it, you just didn't have what it takes to keep a 23 year old woman with you. They do make a little blue pill Sting, did you even consider it or was your pride too much. Whatever it was man, its only the first of many bad things that will happen to you. Tonight will be one more to add to the list. Tonight I will finish what I've started with you. Like I said tonight will not even compare with the first two ass kickings I gave you.. Tonight I will literally finish you off. You better hope your fellow team members will team up and get me out of the picture, otherwise it'll be you leaving bloody, battered and bruised and on a stretcher. I personally Asked the EMTs to be on Standby because I have sinister plans for you tonight Sting. Very Sinister, sick and Sadistic even. You will Bleed and you will bleed a lot Sting. I will not rest until I to am Covered in your blood. I will display it like a trophy. It will symbolize the end of the Great Sting's Career. Nothing I see about you is great though, these fans may look up to you, but all I see when I look at you, is a LOSER. A Pathetic Loser at that. After War Games, things will never be the same for you again. Even if you can walk out on your own two feet tonight, you'll never be able to step foot into a ring again. If by chance you are stupid enough to try that, I will make sure that its lights out and you are finished once and for all.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: I'm issuing a warning to everyone watching tonight at home or here in the arena. This match will not be for the weak at heart, there will be blood shed and there will be pain inflicted. Nobody will walk out the same person, everyone will leave part of them in this ring. When Team Anarchy walks out victorious thanks in part to The Anarchist himself, we'll look back at the carnage we leave behind and prove once and for all that the Young guys are the future the EBWF and there will be no room for washed up old men. You guys take my warning for what you want and don't say as I didn't warn you..

He dropped the microphone as his music hit again and he exited the ring walking back up the aisle to many boos. After getting backstage he passes Petey Williams, they exchange looks as he keeps walking. After turning a corner he runs into Eric Bischoff..

Eric Bischoff: So strong words on your part. I don't think it'll be as easy as you are making it out to be.

"The Anarachist"Arik Cannon: I don't think you realize how serious I am. I speak the truth Bischoff, and I intend to keep Every promise I made tonight. By any means Necessary I will end careers. So I suggest Bischoff unless you want in on the action you need to simply step out of my way and not say another word.

Eric Bischoff: Then I wouldn't be Eric Bischoff if I just stepped aside and let you make all these threats. Then again I don't really care what you do, because lets face it why should I care?

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Because I'm going to destroy your daughter's Former love interest. I don't know if you've talked to her, but its over Bischoff.. In Typical Bischoff Fashion she walked out. The Bischoff name is synonomous with screwing people. However I think it was the Best Choice she ever made. WE all know my Opinion means everything.

Eric Bischoff: Well I haven't talked to my daughter, but if what you say is true, I know and trust she had good reasons for what she did. I accepted her relationship but always knew deep down it wasn't going to last. She never was a slow paced girl and I think that'll show again. But Cannon I think you should concentrate on the task at hand tonight and worry less about the Bischoff Family and the personal lives of others.

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Don't worry about me Bischoff, I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm here tonight to make a statement, and show everyone I just don't care what people think and I'll continue to do things my way until I get the opportunities I deserve. If my actions tonight don't convince the high ups, then I don't know what will. Tonight I show no Mercy, I hold nothing back. Tonight I will hurt people and end careers. I will show that I'm worthy of title matches and anything else they want to throw at me. So you remember that Bischoff while you watch War Games tonight. Anarchy in full force..

He pushes past Eric Bischoff and heads down the hall as the camera fades to black..

A little while later the camera catches Arik Cannon backstage sitting on a production crate cell phone to his ear as the camera guy tries to listen in..

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Oh I definitely want to do what we talked about. Right now isn't the time though. Trust me, we need one more element to make things great, and I've got a great idea as to what that is...Yeah thats the name I've settled on. We've got two of the 3 letters, we'll work on the 3rd after tonight when we come off our victories. Oh trust me I meant everything I said out there, Its going to look like a murder scene out there tonight. The more blood the better. Oh don't worry if I bleed that will just drive me even more. ANyone who makes me bleed has a death wish, just like anyone who threatens me. Yeah you know who I'm talking about. The 5 foot nothing Punk Princess. Yeah I'm so great, you are on my shit list. Big Deal, its not the first time I've been on anyones Shit list. I didn't get where I am today by kissing ass and making friends. I did things my way and didn't care what I had to do to get there. Its that attitude that is gonna allow me to succeed here in the EBWF. I saw potential in you and I think that together we could do more damage. I know you have the killing instinct deep down and I'll bring it out of you one way or another. Yeah I'm going to get some fresh air before my match. I don't know how though in Detroit, this place is disgusting. Its Filthy dirty. I always thought Chicago was bad, Chicago is sterile compared to this place. Yeah take care...

He flipped his cell phone shut and stood up walking back down the hall... He walked back to his dressing room and as he reached for the door and pushed it open slightly a hand was seen that grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside as the door slammed shut on the camera. A few moments passed and the door opened again and Arik Cannon made his way back out a sinister grin on his face as two figures made their way out of the room Both wearing hoodies with their faces hid and moving hurridly past the camera as it focused back on Cannon...

"The Anarchist"Arik Cannon: Nobody will see it coming.

He laughed as he turned to meet up with Triple H and David Flair again just moments before their match. They met up and the three discussed one last game plan before heading towards the stage area.