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6 man tag match Title Here
Role-Play No. 2 001
Record WW-LL-DD
Career Highlights Tag team champs none
Beaten: Night Breed none
Next Opponent Night: Breed Opponent Name
Title On The Line: Tag Belts none
Previous Titles Held: Tag belts none
Previous Opponent none
Wrestler Stats
Height 00'00
Weight 000LBS
Location City, State:Tampa Bay, Florida
Finisher Name: Game Over Finisher: Spike Piledriver


Yahoo! none
AIM none
MSN none
ICQ none

**This scene opens with Mark Peirce backstage, who has asked for some television time, in order to speak his mind, on this Saturday night's ladder match against the Night Breed**

Mark: Things aren't always as they seem, looks are decieving, there are a million catch phrases for this rematch. When you look at this ladder match, you are led to believe that the the Night Breed may have a great chance, at taking these belts that my brother and I now hold! But looks are like I said deceiving, because not only will they not win these titles tonight! But my brother and I will gladly take that very ladder you both requested be part of our match, and knock out your teeth! You'll end up spitting some out and choking on the others, it won't be a pretty sight to watch! Thats why I would like to right now, advise parents out there, that if they have small children, then you better not let them watch this match! Blood will be flowing, injuries taking place, and possibly careers ruined! Trust me, Night Breed you can come out there and talk all the smack you want! But bitches you know, that you have not managed to beat either my brother or I... You need to check the record books, see that the Peirce Boys are the tag champs! And the reason for this, is really quite simple, we treated you both like the make up wearing, diva bitches you wished you could be! These belts won't be going anywhere at the end of the night, except around our waists. Besides the fact, the nwn can't afford to have a guy who is really confused and believes he is the Crow, and another guy, who thinks that its cool to have a jerry curl represent them as the tag champs! All the women pay their money, to come see true winners like the Peirce boys, come out and represent them! If you want to play our game then you will end up losing, and all that will remain left to say is Game Over!

(After hearing what Mark said, he hears a chorus of boos from the fans. Which just puts a smirk on his face! The camera then goes elsewhere for the time being)

**Shortly after the camera zooms to the ring where Mark Peirce is the ring with a microphone in his hand**

Mark: Unfortunately ladies, Justin wasn't able to make it here yet. However you are more than able to feast those eyes of yours on me, because honestly I know you want to, no need in denying the fact! Now onto the matter at hand, and that involves the tag team belts that my brother and I hold, and the fact that two wanna be guys want to try and take them away! Now we all know that isn't going to happen tonight, or any other night for that matter! But they still continue to plague us! I mean seriously, what do all of the beauty salons, close early around here or what? Sting, I think its time for a pedicure, and maybe a facial... You already know the outcome, when you come out and face us, you are totally humiliated! We have not only pinned you, to beat yourself and your "partner" but also we totally dominated you in that 6 man tag team match, where if it hadn't been for a third wheel dropping the ball, we would have beat you there. There is absolutely no way that someone of your calibre can beat us! It will never happen, so while my brother is out buying stock in Kleenex, which promises to make us totally rich, because of the fact, that not only can't you beat us, you still haven't come to that realisation! So after each and every time we beat you, and you wind up being embarassed, you can go out and buy a box of kleenex and wipe each others tears off your faces! We will show you both once again, why not only are you not able to beat us, but also why you are not even in the same calibre as a Horsemen!

**With that Mark flashes the 4 Horsemen sybol towards the camera, and walks off as the scene fades**