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Me And The Dogs

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Me lookin happy.... it was early in the mornin

Digger in bed as usual

Lilly trying to get to sleep




My scooter film and pic

Please move your mouse over either one or both of the black boxes below to watch a scooter video clip

Type: G-Scooter

Brought: EBay, supplier didi bikes

Top Seed: 33cc 15-18mph

Description: Brilliant to drive easy and really fun highly recommended only problem is that I don't think police like these very mush there was a story of I kid I a nearby village to mine who was 15 and already had points on his license cause he was driving one of these but I reckon he was driving a higher cc to mine

Cons: this is my third one of these scooters because the manufacturer in CHINA is crap and i brought it from didi bikes in Aylesbury they are crap because they did not even know what a spacer was or an engine mount bolt.