"Zoroastrianism" by Hazen
Advancement and progression
Go hand in hand, they say
Hurtling towards the next big thing
The next blasphemus transgression

Technology and sophistication
Are kin, grow together, or so I'm told
Struggling for intellectualism
Bypassing values and morals

New products, patches, pills
Spreading disease, corrupting mentally ill
Feed poverty, remedy the sick and blind
Did they stop to think
What they've left behind

You forget so easily the lessons you teach
Forgotten where you came from
Vocalized in what you preach
Get your money and cash your check
Sit, think, and wonder
Where all your life went
It passed you by while you were flying at the speed
of information
Enjoy your folly because it has no victims
Don't forget life, engaging in electronic fornication

It doesn't seem like that long ago
When we could see
Born and raised in chains
Break them and be set free