Remember Me? Good, fuck you.
6 11 03
I didn't write a lot for the month of April, I also completely skipped
May. I lost interest. I lost motivation. I lost my spirit. So it goes with

Sometimes I can be so enthused about a project of mine, and yet at
other points in time I can be completely discouraged. Perhaps it's
because of what happened during May. I spent a lot of time with
someone who was very detrimental to my sense of self worth. No
matter what I did, it was considered not good enough. No matter
what plan I made, it was always referred to as "low class" or
"ghetto". To that person, and I have a slight feeling you may cross
this page in your wanderings, fuck you. With no less effort than the
effort you put forth to place me below you at all times do I say this.
You are juvenile. You are a cruel person; just because you have had
a better upbringing than most people can attest to does not make
you better than anyone. In fact, your attitude truly makes you less of a
person. I sincerely hope that your pride and arrogance is dispelled in
a less painful manner than the one I forecast occurring for you.

Moving on to the good happenings of May, I got promoted at work.
Yes indeed, I'm now in the cosmetics department, dispensing
invaluable information about products that would otherwise go
overlooked by some of the store's patrons. While It may not be
saving the world or anything of that caliber, it's at least a step up from
manning the check stand day in and day out.