The End & The Beginning...

I always seem to neglect my records. Currently life is
being driven by work. Free time, is hardly free
anymore. At least I'm saving some money to be able
to buy a car, although it's taken longer then I thought it
would. I haven't decided on what kind of car I want, but
since I don't have anywhere near the amount of money
that a car will cost, I won't sweat it just yet.

Angie's moving in with us. The house is becoming
crowded, which is usually the first sign that a
household will soon dissolve. I can see it coming and I
can't do anything about it, except prepare for the worst.
I'll have to be so damn thirfty and make sure that I have
enough money to afford a place of my own if everyone
decides to communially shrug off their responsibilities.
I'm worried more then anything, because Angie has
always been known for being incredibly irresponsible
and that trait seems to have the uncanny ability to rub
off on everyone around her. Maybe it's her addictions
to drugs and alcohol, or the fact that she drives phone
bills through the roof; but she's destroyed a few of my
households already. Yet, because we are related, Eric
will always take her in under his wing, regardless of the
impending doom that undoubtedly spells out for the
house in general. The question I ask myself now; Is
one person's well being worth sacrificing my sanity and
home for? I don't think it is but everyone else is far
more generous and selfless then me. In reality though,
what else do I have except myself to depend on?
Everyone else manages to loose their jobs, ruin their
relationships, and waste their money. They can't save
for rainy days, it's almost like the don't know how to live

Then again, I'm the one that's so unhappy in the
situation. I could just let my inhibitions go and let
people do what they want to do, destroy my furniture,
spend my money, and ultimately waste my livelyhood.