Vacant and devoid of feeling,
Can't remember the last time I cried
Walking in circles
Blankly staring at ceilings,
Needed something to feel satisfied about, to feel justified

I tied you down deep because the pain was too great
Retraced my steps through reality
Looking for the happiness I lost
Only to find life lost its sense of fate
Sounds muffled, playing with corrupted fidelity

Looking for a way to turn myself upside down
It comes so naturally to everyone else
Empty inside,
Bitter and ill at ease
One thousand jesters aiming to please

You've been my friend without a name
Feelings of loneliness in rooms so full
You drive me to insanity, always the same
Far too little to care about, far too long
Held my hand and stabbed my back
The venom you fed me
Hid from me what I lacked

Questions I didn't dare
(To ask)
People I could care
(To love)
Years gone by, yea
(They passed)

Not reality
Jon, you opened my eyes.