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About Me

About me, well, I sure do hate this section, lol. I feel it is extremely hard to tell other people about yourself; I think it's much easier for someone you are close with you to describe you than for you to describe yourself.

Anyhow, that's me on the right. I really do not like to get my picture taken and I hate posting pictures of myself on my webpage even more, but being that it is my webpage, I suppose I must.

I am currently a fourth term (of six) student at DuBois Business College. I have a total of six terms, each term being three months. I am half way done. When I am finished I will have an Assosiates Degree in Specialized Business with a major in Information Technology. Damn, that's long, isn't it? When I finish at DuBois Business College, (here on out referred to as "DBC") I would like to attend Clarion University to obtain my bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. When I am completed, I will be very educated and very much in debt, LoL.

More about me...
Let's see, I can be very shy. I can be very loud. I hate change (don't do it to me). I can't stand when people do not speak in a grammatically correct fashion. I can not spell very well. If my life depended on my spellin something correctly, I would be dead at this very moment. I am a major homebody. I spend a lot of time at home on my computer. I do not have time for anything except homework. I hate when people call my voice mail and say, "It's me." My friend Renee informs me of the fact that I am very "fickle". I can be moody. I love to design webpages.