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My Lyrics


Blind © 2002

Verse 1
Once upon a time,
I thought you made the stars
and Once upon a time
I thought I had your heart.
But it took a turn for the worst
took a turn for pain and hurt
You still tear my heart to peices
and I take it, like a fool
they say love is blind
Maybe thats why
I'm still in love with you

Blind to all the heart ache
That I've felt through the years
And blind to all the cruelty
and blind to all the tears
Blind to imperfections
Least its suppose be. Maybe it
only works that way with me.
Or maybe I just refuse to see.
the truth there in your eyes.
Maybe its just me thats blind.

Verse 2
You know I still think you
made the stars and I'd
give my left lung
just to be where you are
and lay down my life
just to be something in your eyes
But, I could never do enough
so why even try? Is love,
or me thats blind?

I'm sorry I'm not perfect
Well, I wish that I could be
maybe then, you'd think
something more of me
Maybe if I were perfect
I'd be worthy of your time
and I wouldn't have to be so...

Land of the Brokenhearted
© 2002
Verse 1-
Babe, ya know you left me
like ya didnt feel a thing
Ya flew outta here so fast
I could swear, you grew wings
Now I see ya walkin around
So sorry and blue
I can only imagine,
Some one flew out on you?
Now yo comin round fo some sympathy
hon, ya sho shouldnt be lookin to me.


Welcome to the land
of the broken hearted
It s about time you decided to
grace us with your presence
I seen you walkin around
with yo super heart of steel
I see some one finally broke you
and now you know exactly how it feels.
She done left you and now
the hurt and pain has started
Let me be the first to welcome you
to the land of the Broken Hearted.

Verse 2-
Now you've come flyin back
sayin yo so sorry
Thinkin I should take you back
Cause your down on your knees
Let me tell ya somethin
If you cant stand the pain
Well, ya should have thoughta that
before you decided to play the game

I aint gonna be the one
that you decide to play
well ya shoulda thoughta
that before you walked away
I'm pickin myself up
and walkin away from you
Now tell me,
whats a broken heart to do?

© 2003

Verse 1
I came to you cryin'
Got you in me and started
Was on top of the world
Don't need drugs to get
Can't get enough of you

Wish I could of held you
Wish this whiskey was
Can't get you off my mind
Cause I gotta tell you baby
You sure do make me crazy
All I got now is time

Verse 2
You left me crashed and
You stopped my world from
Left me with a life I despise
You were the one the only
Now I'm the one the lonely
It might be better to die

Bridge 1
I gotta tell you baby
You make me so damn crazy
What am I suppose to do
In this world without you

Bridge 2
Baby I feel like my life is over
Got nothin left to give
Darlin' without you this world's alot colder
Give me a reason to live.