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Disaster Recovery












Your business depends on your computer network to process customer orders, track inventory, run payroll -- every day tasks that keep your business running smoothly.

But what if one day, disaster strikes?

Do you have a recovery plan in place that will get your business running smoothly again?

It is now generally recognized that business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are vital activities. However, the creation and maintenance of a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan is a complex undertaking, involving a series of steps.



Business impact and risk analysis

Creating a disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery policies

Contingency audit & plan assurance

Prior to the creation of a plan itself, it is essential to consider the potential impacts of a disaster and to understand the underlying risks: these are the foundations upon which a sound business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan should be built.

OSG will help you ensure your business processes will continue to function. A solid plan will enable your company to restore applications, e-mail, and data - and get your business running smoothly again!

OSG's Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Services are designed to consider all the issues and to implement some of the most highly acclaimed products and services to achieve continuous security.

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