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this week: people.

"people. god knows i love them (do not fear the sarcasm). actually, i can't say that i hate very many people specifically; so few seem to be real enough to deserve that level of attention. certainly, though, there are some good people out there, somewhere. it's just that, here, in my tiny facet of this spinning pile, it's so rare to really feel anything from anyone. connections are difficult. there's an irritation in being among people who've already found their connection, and finding that those left who haven't are as undesirable as the void they would be replacing. the numbing mind-ream of knowing you're alone not because people won't accept you, but because you find so little worth accepting. an imposed solitude is better than simply tolerating your company in waiting for for something better. so loneliness is not such a terrible thing when you consider that the alternative to thought provoking silence, is to be surrounded only by reminders of why that solitude is preferable. i'd take film and music over the blurry mass of faces i've encountered. people begin to look like mere fleshy reaction machines; passionless, and dead. but this is all in my own head; i can't claim to be arrogant enough to be certain of any particular perception. after all, reality is what we make it. it's just unfortunate that the general population has made it so unpleasant." -jhonen c. vasquez