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Look at ME!

Hmmm... ME!

nice pic, huh? it kinda reminds me of me...

well, about me. what is there to say? i like to talk, and i like to write. most people say i'm too honest... ha ha ha.

i'm twelve, and i go to west junior high, amongst the other preps, jocks, punks, potheads, and general psychos.

my favorite movies are: the breakfast club, sixteen candles, and pretty in pink. my favorite song is: teenage dirtbag by weezer. the thing i hate the most is: anyone who's a poseur or cliche.

some of my best friends are: madelyn, sarah, sarah, and some other people that i'm forgetting... sorry. ha ha ha.

quiz shit: my aura is the color gold. if i were a dog, i'd be a pug. my flavor is peppermint. my lucky number is four. my perfect car is a beater, like a dogde dart with it's original salmon color- niiiiice.

P.S. my name is britton.