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Long Time No See & Italia

saturday, 12 april 2003

i haven't written to you in such a long, long time. maybe it's because i've been sick a lot. or maybe because i've been actually excersizing and doing my homework.

have i told you i'm going to chicago this summer? we were gonna go to new york, but gramma said (and i quote, "those arabs are making it hard to fly lately." that's so misguided and, well, stupid. though, i do NOT reccomend flying now, because of sars disease and how well air circulates in airplanes. so, we'll just go to chicago by train... which will be equally as fun. jenny cerasolli was born there.

a couple of days ago, an italian boy named, marco pasini sent me a letter... here it is:

strada comunale x samolaco
san cassiano 23020 n*1
sondrio, italy

dear britton daley
hi! i'm an italian student. my name is marco pasini.
i got your address through the i.r.s and i would be very glad to correspond with you.
i am 13 years old and attend the second year at the local middle school.
i live with my family in san cassiano.
we are 5 in my family: my father massimo, my mother carla, my sisters claudia, anna, and me.
as i said i live in san cassiano, a small village at the foot of the alps, in lombardi. if you want to look for it on a detailed map of italy, you can find it just above lake como. the nearest small town is chiavenna which is about 10 km away, northwards. the big city of milan is about two hours away, by train.
well, now i'll tell you a little about myself.
at school my favourite subjects are p.e. and art.
i can't grammatic anyway school is okay. after school my favourite passtimes are meeting my friends, playing videogames, riding my dike , playing with my friends.
my favourite hobby is fixing bikes or motorbikes.
i also like playing sports. my favourites are soccer, snowboarding.
i like music, especially rock. my favourite singer is michael jackson , my favourite pop group is pooh.
well, i think i have told you enough about myself in this first letter.
i'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
i can't wait to know about you and your life.
lots of love
marco pasini
p.s. could you send a photo?

well, my letter is in the mail right now... on it's way to italia. i did send a photo. the best one of madelyn and i's photo shoot last sunday. it wasn't that good. i also asked him to send a picture. every girl i told asked, "is there a picture???? is he hot??!!" i was just like no, you psycho, turn around.