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wednesday, 26 february 2003

today was frightening. we played "hoops for heart" in gym. woo frickety hoo. ha ha ha. our team consisted of sarah r, jordan n, andrea, and kathrine a. plus me, of course. we played against marcel, nick d, ben, one of celia's cousins (there's like 1000000 of them, so i never can tell there names), and some other guy that i'm forgeting right now.

the game in a nutshell: they kicked our asses and then proceeded to mop the floor with them.

marcel elboed me in the boob, and that alone was a treat, but he made it worse. here's how the convo went:
me: ow!!!
marcel: did i hit your boobs?
me: yeah
marcel: did it hurt?
me: yeah
marcel: i thought i felt something squishy.

i was just like, "ewww". it was funny though, because they played "ice ice baby" in the cd player. hahaha. i love our cheezy old songs.