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Pee Cleaning and Carnations

saturday, 15 february, 2003

i volunteered to take a puppy to foster. he looks like a long-haired german shepard mixed with a rottweiller. (do you know how long it took me to write that sentence? i had him on my lap and he kept walking on the keyboard!) i guess he's like three months old... maybe. we named him "gobi" after the stoner in a skit called "jarret's room" on SNL. can you believe my mom came up with it? he likes to pee in my room, and lots of other places, so i'm constantly cleaning pee and poop. yech.

well, as you all know, yesterday was valintines day. and, as all of you don't know, i'm a boyfriendless loser. which sucks ass. and, since our school is in some kind of conspiracy that likes to exploit that factor of my life, they are selling cards and carnations for people's "sweethearts". they get delivered to the peoples resource, so the other people can get humiliated.

i was complaining about it restlessly to my whole crew (madelyn, sarah j, sarah r, greg, and riley) at lunch, when greg asked me if he could borrow .50 cents. i was just like "okay dokay", and he went off in his greg like way.

fast forward: resource. the carnation deliverers arrive. i'm in a bad mood, cause, yeah, this is when everyone finds out i don't have anyone that cares. the girl was done handing out jessie's and then said, "britto- oh, wait, jessie, you have another one!" my heart skipped a beat when i found out i got a carnation. i was like, who the hell would send me one? well it turns out that greg sent me one with MY .50 cents! ha ha ha.