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saturday, 25 january 2003

i've currently been saving up for an apple ibook. for those of you who don't know what that is (you'd be surprised), that's the macintosh laptop. and currently means during the past two days. i already have 169.38. i can't wait to get one, and if i keep earning my money like i have been, i should get it in around thirty-six days.

on my break at cuppa joe, i was reading the december people magazine's letter section. i found two people actually defending michael jackson for hanging his baby off the balcony. they were saying how he's been a "champion" for children word-wide. do they remember the mid-nineties when he was accused of molesting little boys? come on, people, use your heads! he looks like a white woman, but he should look like black man... what is up with that?!

on monday i should be recieving my avon make-up. i must admit, i'm a little obsessed with make-up. i have atleast ten eyeshadows, five different kinds of lipglosses, two eyeglosses, and four mascaras. i know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it takes up a lot of space. i'm not the kind of "jan the churchlady with pink hair" obsessed, i just like to buy it.

have you ever watched the church channel with her on it? it's so funny. she prays and she cries and her mascara runs messing up her whole face! i love it. and she has big gooey yucky lips that quiver when she cries... that makes me smile.