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Damn You, Exams, Damn YOU!

friday, 24 january 2003

i've been so worn down with exams it's not even funny. my parent's have been cracking the whip on me to study, when i already know the material... well, i kinda know the material.

you work on your test for like twenty minutes, and then you sit there for an hour doing absolutely nothing. it's insane.

luckily, it's all over now. today it was a half day, so i only had fifth and sixth period- cooking and gym. i was really looking forward to a day that i didn't have to use my brain.

we had an asshole of a sub in cooking though. we had to watch a whole movie about ice cream, and he would not turn off the lights. liz, lyn, and i kept arguing with the sub about it until he was on his "wits end".

after that, he popped in a movie about hot dogs. can you believe it? someone made a whole movie about hotdogs. danny w., jordan m., liz and i just sat at the table and talked. jordan had to pee really bad, so liz took the bathroom pass, and then gave it to amanda. we just played keep away with it and soon it got to me.

as i was walking out, danny spanked me. okay, so it's not that bad, because he has done it once before... but still, it's yucky.

about molly... i really pissed her off yesterday, because i thought it was absolutely crazy that ryan mc. would actually dump liz for her. so i just kept talking about it until she blew up. these are her exact words: "britton, i'm sitting right here. i'm going out with him. so shut up."

i personally don't care where she's sitting. i still think that liz is way nicer, and way less slutty.

anyway, this morning when i picked her up, we apologized, but that still doesn't change how i feel about her. i just wanted to stay on her good side.