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I'm Pissed

thursday, 16 january 2003

today, i had fun. and i may not be honestly saying that, but that's okay. i hate molly right now, and madelyn totally backs me up. we know that molly is a popular girl, just because she has boobs. she's only using me, because she needs a ride in the morning. other than that little time, she completely ignores me.

madelyn says she a big flake. i couldn't agree more. molly even said herself: "i do this little thing, where i'm really nice to someone, but i actually really hate them." she also said that her best friend, jody, does the same thing. how can you trust anyone if you do that? i know madelyn wouldn't do that to me.

all in all, i think it's time for me to "dump" molly (that was metaphorically speaking by the way, because I'm not a lez).