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Mr. Lindgren's Online English


English 1 (freshman) assignment information
English 2 (sophomore) assignment information
My online grammar studyguide
My online essay guidelines
Information about me, as well as other fun stuff!
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For assignment and due date information, please see the links posted above this notice. Assignment information will be updated on a regular basis for students and parents alike! Please email me and tell me if this site is helpful, and what improvements you would like to see made.

English 1 Texts and Topics: Animal Farm, The Odyssey and other myths, Romeo and Juliet, Great Expectations, short stories, poetry, a demonstration speech, and grammar.
English 2 Texts and Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, A Raisin in the Sun, Lord of the Flies, Julius Caesar, short fiction and non-fiction, analogies and vocabulary (super-helpful with the ACT and SAT), poetry, and grammar.


1. Come prepared to class. Required materials: textbook, notebook, folder or binder, loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils.

2. Be punctual. You will be tardy if you are not in the classroom and prepared when the bell rings.
---1st tardy – Teacher/Student conference
---2nd tardy – Detention
---3rd tardy – Phone call home
---4th tardy – Phone call home + Detention
---5th tardy – Dean’s referral…possible ISS
---Beyond that – Student + Parent + Teacher + Counselor Conference

3. Be respectful of others, especially me. During class, you should pay full attention when I speak, as well as when others speak. Rude behavior will be punished.

4. Keep track of assignments. Write down the day’s assignments in your planner every single day. When you are absent, you are in charge of getting your missing work. Email me if necessary. Incomplete assignments is the #1 cause of student failures.

5. “Teachers will not give students passes out of class unless it is an absolute emergency.” This is taken from the Warren handbook. I will follow this rule closely, as I do not like classroom disruptions. Use the restroom during the passing periods.

6. Use black or blue ink. No pens with pink, purple, or green ink with sparkles and scents, please.

7. Late work is inexcusable, unless there are outstanding circumstances. Late assignments will be penalized severely, and in most cases, unaccepted.

8. Stay awake with your head up. While I guarantee a fun school year, some classes just won’t be as exciting as others. Sleeping will almost immediately get you kicked out of the classroom.

9. No food is allowed. This includes gum…I hate gum. I have stepped in gum, and I don’t ever want to get that angry again. I’ll be the judge if breath mints or cough drops are needed.

10. Serve your detentions within two days. This includes the day you receive the detention and the next. Reasons for a detention are my own.

Contact Information

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