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Those Who Have Seen The Light So Far Are As Follows:

1. C.E. MOTHERFUCKING O.: r_a_t_m_20022002. Yep. Shannon.

2. Weedshack...He's cool once you get past the whole "I masturbate to my mirror reflection" thing.

3. x_cheer_up_em0_kid_x...Probably the only person online who I don't want to formally execute. He said he'd take a bullet for me, a knife for me, and even a 15-inch strap on for me.

4. kaylamoore34...I have no idea who this girl is, but she said that if she were a lesbian, she'd do me. Gotta love her for that. I'm not exactly sure what money she'll be handling...but nevertheless, she's my metaphorical lesbian lover.

5. purricanbeotch. Gotta love Kat, she's weird as fuck and she has phone sex with me.

6. bayoucop1...we're not sure what he does yet, but he worships me like the god that I am.

7. l7evil_sn0w_gh0st...Kevin. Sometimes we hate each other, some times we don't. Depends on the weather. Either way, he can fuck with the foreigners.

8. The Doorman: thomas_supremeoverthelord_and_god...I have no idea who this nut job is, and he'll probably be replaced soon.

9. THE GUY WHO CLEANS OUT PUBES FROM THE SHOWER DRAINS FOR THE REST OF MY MEMBERS: therocker_1822003...unwillingly drafted, but we needed someone to clean the drains out.

10. gh0st_hiding_in_the_shadows...Pail. He's the permanent "special ed member of the month."

11. Angel_7584...Rachel...we are lesbian lovers, she lkes to eat out my god-like puntang and spank me like the bad little god that I am. She also likes to read books, and talk on the phone.

12. escape_on_22s...he saved my cat from when my doll house was burning down...even though my plan was to intentionally kill the cat in the doll house i lit on fire, he's still o.k. by me.