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Beelzebuddy's Mods

All mods are in reverse chronological order.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Mods

To install .esp files, place them in your Oblivion/Data directory. On startup, select "Data Files" in the first menu and check the .esp plugins you wish to run. Then begin the game as usual.

LVL UP! ^_^ 1.01 - Manages your leveling and stat-raising for you by dynamically altering your level to reflect your combat capabilities and your attributes (including health) as a function of your level of competency in the governed skills.

No more adding ten levels in speechcraft and getting cornholed by goblins when you leave town; your level is now dependent on your combat abilities alone. This process is somewhat intelligent: skills that cannot easily complement each other (blunt and blade, for example) do not stack (only the highest skill counts) and skills that merely aid your other combat skills only count as half.
The mod also alters your attributes to match your skill gains. The skills you are most advanced in provide the majority of their governing attributes' makeup, but all skills count to some degree.
Finally this mod sets a retroactively dynamic minimum health, for you powergamers who worry about not having a high enough endurance early on.

Molag Bal's Slaves 1.00 - The first of my Daedric mods to be (sort of) completed, this mod adds slave capturing into the game. As a continuation of your service to Molag Bal, he has given you the ability to bind non-essential NPCs to your will. If you've failed his quest or have already completed it, there is a button hidden discreetly in the area around his statue which will grant you the ability if you desire it. The mod even allows you to visit his wayshrine, if you can find it.

Thunderstrike 1.00 - As a demonstration of what is possible via scripting, the Thunderstrike spell (to be used in the Daemer plugin) has been given to Borissean in the Arcane U. and Alberic Litte in the Chorrol Mage's Guild. This spell has been greatly discounted, and would normally be Master level. At least.

Bound Armors 1.00 - Extends the bound armor present in the game by making the current summoned Daedric set entirely Heavy Armor and adding a Light Armor set using the Mythic Dawn models.

Vampire Extremis 1.00 - Through secret means Vampires have acquired the ability, when their thirst becomes insatiable, to drain living beings of their lifeforces directly if feeding is not an option. Be aware that such a Power is not to be used lightly, or the consequences may be dire.

Daedric Elves 1.02 - Makes Dremoras a playable race and adds a bit of backstory to separate them from the evil Dremora by becoming Daedric Elves or "Daemer." They're strong at everything except personality, and have an armor-summoning Greater Power. They can also summon a portal to a Wayshrine of Azura once a day. This plugin requires a small fix by KyneTarse to kickstart the heckling prisoner in the beginning of the game.

House Markers 1.00 - Adds fast travel markers for all eight of your potential houses.

Homeworld 2 Mods

A library of misc. gamerules sobgroup functions.
Extract to your HW2 root dir, then include the line
in your file.

HW2: Flagships - "All of the boom, none of the bother"
A total conversion mod, this replaces most of the minor ships one can produce with carrier-class "flagships" that automatically build and manage a small number of escort ships. Other actions such as harvesting and capturing have also been automated.

To install, download this .big file, placing it into your HW2/data directory. Then copy your desktop HW2 shortcut and add "-mod Flagships.big" (no quotes) to it. Remove the -overridebigfile switch if it is present.

A HW1 style Gravwell demo. Also requires the Defense Field ability to be added to the hiigaran carrier. Beyond that, load it as you would any other gamerules file.

A no micro mod. You lose control of all of your attacking ships - so make sure to set up your forces the way you want them! Just download to your %hw2%/data/leveldata/multiplayer directory, and access it via the skirmish screen.

For Tefeari: Kadeshi fuel pod management script

Hive Carrier Mod
- Extract in separate folder, then merge the extracted data directory with HW2 data dir

AIMod - Gamerule only
AIMod - Gamerule only, Hgn only