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idleloop's dat viewer version history
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Actual version: 1.5

.dat manager and viewer v 1.5
(1.5) 11/1/2003
  • You can now rename your "dat" files to meaninful names (so it'll include the name of the file you're downloading, instead of solely a cryptic "download########.dat". The renaming operation can also maintain the date store in the original name (yes, those numbers represents a date, the date of download beginning): use the option named "rename ... (+date)".
  • You can copy users between compatible downloads (i.e. if they both are the same file... you can have different users in one of them, and if they have a bigger download channel than the others...).
  • more "sortable" and now "dragable" columns, with these new additions: up to three different dates, number of users stored, download state. Also their default order has been modified.
  • change file state (ACTIVE or PAUSED). This is the state you have set in KaZaA. But dat_view have lots more click-able ordered columns than KaZaA... ;)
  • checking the files you want is really easy: order them as desired, and the you have four different options for chekin' them: all, none, from beginning to selected, and from checked to selected.
  • There are now three different dates shown: file creation date (from Operating System), file modification (stored by KaZaA inside every "dat"), and a more reliable creation date taking from the name "download########.dat", if it's available. KaZaA seems to "move" "dat" files sometimes, so OS date isn't really reliable (it is not the true beginning date of a download). (NOTE: "Order of download" is now calculated based on OS date, which seems to maintain always the same order imposed by the "dat name date" data (when this latter exists)).
  • v 1.5 also shows almost every info deciphered from "dat" file format (see dat format). New infos shown (with "advanced mode" checked): users' download speed and its last check date, old http link to file (it was directly useable with KaZaA v1), download state...
  • Some very, very uncommon, bugs fixed:
    • if deletion of temporal files options are checked and there's a problem creating or reading one (very odd), the temp file was not deleted (though it had 0KB length) (v1.3 & 1.4),
    • almost invisible for users: checkboxes handling (only v1.4 is affected with this strange one), clipboard handling (since v0.7), internal garbage sweeping (since v1.2ß)
    None of them were noticeable... unless you carefully look for them ;)

.dat manager and viewer v 1.4
( 8/17/2003
  • Allows copy, move and delete operations on "dat" files: now you can make backup of your files, copy them to "destination folder" or delete them, directly in dat_view. No more need to look for a cryptic "download32478658224.dat" in order to manipulate it. Always remember that KaZaA must be closed in order to manipulate "dat" files.
  • Previous versions did not allow to insert a new user if there was no previous one... This has been fixed. Thanx to "Jelle Fresen" for its discovering and pre-testing. Thanx also to "Joao Silva". ... >.
  • Now, "advanced mode" preference is remembered.
  • Minor graphic and behaviour additions and fixes. (What about the new "copy" gear button?).

.dat manager and viewer v 1.3
( 6/5/2003
( 7/7/2003
  • Allows temporal files deletion when the program ends. You can choose which of three type of temporal files you want to erase, and if you want to be warned about this. The program just deletes files created by itself during each session, no matter where they were created, and without touching the rest of (previously existing) files.
  • Allows for "data gaps" insertion in downloaded data, in order to allow you to re-download some part in order to ensure that possible errors are corrected. (This could be revised in future). Suggested by "Adam <sqrcz>" ... >.
  • Some fixes related to "Modify 'KaZaA' dat data" dialogs management (v.g.: option in context menu and as shortcut).
  • ( Oppps... previous v1.3 has a bug in "insert gaps" options... now it's fixed... though a little trick remains: it's not possible to create data blocks of just 1 byte length. Thanks to "Novák Tomás" for pointing out this bug ... >.
    I've added a visible "make a backup copy!" to modify forms...
  • ( If "warn before delete temp files" is checked, now it doesn't repeat the same file name if it was copied more than once.

.dat manager and viewer v 1.2 (beta)
( 1/19/2003
( 2/10/2003
  • Modify "KaZaA" dat data: user data (ip and port, name), node data (ip and port), and path for the downloaded file.
  • corrected bug that caused the app to show a cryptic warning and die, when "source folder" for incomplete files dissapeared (moved, renamed, or deleted). Thanx to "Nadimo Nyth" and others for pointing this out ... >.
  • More flexible dialogs for "select folder" features.
  • ( Now, the configuration file is stored in the same folder as the app, and not in unit root as previous versions did.
  • "Graphic blocks bar" now shows total download percentage with a little pink bar (funny!).
  • ( Some minor fixes and enhacements (Advanced data restructuration, refreshing controls).
  • ( Some fixes related to "Modify 'KaZaA' dat data" dialogs management.

.dat manager and viewer v 1.1
(  12/25/2002
(  12/26/2002
(  1/6/2003, 1/11/2003
  • ( Opps... Previous v1.1.0.141 didn't save correctly "folders" and "copy mode"...   ( + other minor corrections).
  • Now the program remembers last used "source folder", "destination folder" and "copy mode". Note: configuration file is stored in [actual unit]:\.dat_view.cfg, so if u use multiple instances of dat_view, all of them will use the same configuration. NOTE: changed: since v1.2 (, configuration file is stored in the folder where the app is.
  • Now you can open the files from the program! : using context menu (right click, .dat data options) or keys F5 to F10, u can:
    • copy data from .dat using selected mode (available in all versions).
    • copy data and open the file as if u would be clicking on it in the windows explorer. Just with a double-click!.
    • copy data and open the file with an external application. There are two configurable applications for choosing.
    • open the .dat file directly with one of two available external applications.
  • Added "configuration" options (external apps, by now) clicking on "eye" toolbar icon.
  • "Advanced mode" (right click, Advanced mode) now shows gaps info in block info section, and remaining bytes of files.
  • Fixed error when showing global bytes data in "Global report". Thanx to N. Oudhof   ... >.
    ( Opps... Previous v1.1 weren't totally fixed... Since v1.1.0.144, it is (i hope ;-). Thanx to Marco  ... >.
  • Minor corrections.
  • Since 1/11/2003, the "dat_view.exe" is distributed compressed with UPX, under its GNU licence. This reduces both "" and "dat_view.exe" sizes about 25%. If u experince any problem related with this compression, let me know ( & i'll take care of it.

.dat manager and viewer v 0.7     (   11/30/2002
list of improvements from v 0.6:
  • when a .dat file is selected, you can rigth click and copy to clipboard its file name or its .dat name. You can also use the shortcuts Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+X  (these two keys are one near the other on the keyboard).
  • added data columns for "% downloaded", "file type" and "number of data blocks downloaded" (u can sort by them).
  • when making a "global report", shows information about HD space needed and available, writing a warning if there's no enough space for download all the .dat files.
  • When showing .dat info, with "advanced mode" selected (Ctrl+A), now the .dat parameters are shown correctly depending on their type (Title, Description, Codec, Year, etc.). Thanx to   ... >
    Still remains parameter types that I don't know how to translate. Any help is welcome!.
  • Now the copy mode "data and gaps (without kazaa info)" copies all .dat data bytes even if the actually available data says that there's nothing downloaded yet. This may be interesting when the kazaa program is running and downloading data, but it haven't already write the correct info in the .dat file... sometimes the resulting copied file contains some of the data actually being downloaded. Previous versions only permits use of this copy mode if there were good data blocks.
  • fixed bug when showing "user parameters 1" on advanced mode. Not all bytes were shown on previous versions. Thanx to ccussons ... >
  • fixed incorrect behaviour when the "file . . . copied" dialog was shown.


If some other helped me (sorry i didn't write down every name :(  ) and wanna be his/her name here, let me know, pleaze!

read as " let's open that mandarin ! "
i think it's completely functional with the new KaZaA v2
u can report me incompatibilities ( ;)

comments, error reports, and proposals:

This program will NOT modify your .dat files in any way, it'll just extract diferent sorts of data from them.

This program is provided "as is", etc, etc, & im not responsible for nothin' apart having the intention of distribute this program free and useful. thanks.