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eZ: Just a buncha stuff... I mostly take life every day at a time... kinda just see was comes together. THeSKiTTLeZ: *what... SinfulSugarHigh: Thats always good THeSKiTTLeZ: Yeah, music is a big part of my life... art is, too, just not as big of a part anymore. Mostly my friends, though. It is a big task to watch over them, but I enjoy doing it. I am everybodies best friend practically. SinfulSugarHigh: Aww..See, that's sweet though. I'm finding that a lot of people around here find a reason to wanna use me and then just totally ditch me when *I* need someone. SinfulSugarHigh: I'm the type to put everyone before me, lately it hasnt paid THeSKiTTLeZ: Shit, that didn't really hit me until I lost my job and some people just stopped janging out with the whole crowd just because some nights weren't as fun at all cuz it had to be a broke night and they just didn't want to sit and chill. But, the up side of this is that you really see who is your true friends. When someone is used to something such as money and the things That it can bring you, it really makes a huge effect when you don't have that luxury anymore. Some just see it as a necessity (sp?). SinfulSugarHigh: See I'm all about the little things. I'm more than happy hanging out at home, watching tv or just talking with someone. THeSKiTTLeZ: That is mostly true about me, but the one thing is I will only put people I know in front of me because I have learned that there just are some people that think of kindness as a weakness. Which honestly, I am not a big dude, but I do not and will never take shit from some arrogant ass. SinfulSugarHigh: I like you. You seem geniune and have a sense of what you need and want around you. THeSKiTTLeZ: Sometimes it gets me into shit I didn't want to happen, but it all comes down to your self-esteem and self-respect. I would like to walk away from some situations that I really should, but my personality just cannot allow that. SinfulSugarHigh: You're only human doll, only human. See, my problem is that I try to see the best in those that no one takes the time, because I know how they feel. People take one look at me, and all they see is either a pretty face or someone they think they can use. THeSKiTTLeZ: Why thank you. To me, you seem to be a pretty open person that can actually hold a descent conversation. I am noticing that a lot of people just cannot do that anymore... THeSKiTTLeZ: You're mind seems to be quite... THeSKiTTLeZ: Hmmm... THeSKiTTLeZ: Exhilarating maybe? SinfulSugarHigh: I love really getting to know someone, taking the ever so precious time to just take that extra minute and see whats beneath it all, what makes them tick. That's how you really know what they're about. Time. SinfulSugarHigh: Aww, thank you! :) THeSKiTTLeZ: That is why time is such a priceless thing. Everything that is really important in life involves time and a lot of it. That's another thing... unjudgemental (you). THeSKiTTLeZ: There are a lot of people that I see get judged and it really hurts me seeing another person being treated a certain way just because of their appearence, their money, or what thet do for a living. SinfulSugarHigh: I don't like judgments, as a matter of fact...I hate them. For Example: I have a condition that causes severe pain. It leaves me unable to walk unassisted anymore. People assume that if they see me in the mall, or anywhere at all they have to act like I'm totally unable to speak, or comprehend the comments and stares and stuff. I hate that. THeSKiTTLeZ: Hey, I will be right back... and we can continue this... :o) SinfulSugarHigh: OKies :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Actually, ciggies are bad, so I can do without fir a while longer. SinfulSugarHigh: I don't mind really, I'm patient.. I can wait for ya :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Shit like that just pisses me off. Using someones weakness as something to judge on is just absolutely one of the most horrible things to do because they are only seeing the weakness... they are not seeing the oh-so many strengths that the person has. SinfulSugarHigh: Exactly. I've used my wheelchair at places like Wal-Mart and had people come up to me and say "I feel so sorry for you!" and I ask them why, and they just look at me funny. They don't understand that *I* don't need to walk to enjoy my life. THeSKiTTLeZ: Nah, I will smoke one in a lil bit. Nothing I have to do. But anyways, that is some shit. I can only imagine someone saying something to me like I am retarded or something. It is pretty much like flat out saying "hey, you can't walk." Not even looking further in the big picture. SinfulSugarHigh: See, being as short as I am and as petite people look at me when I'm using my credit card (even people behind me in line) and make comments. I had one old man follow me out the car and say "I shouldn't have used my mommys credit card" I was like "First of all sir, I'm almost twenty-one. Second of all, I am not asking where YOUR mom is, now am I?" and he scoffed and left. THeSKiTTLeZ: Damn nice way to punk an old man out. I just don't understand some people's cahin of thought. I dunno if they were born with their head up their asses or what. THeSKiTTLeZ: *chain THeSKiTTLeZ: *what SinfulSugarHigh: LOL, Most of them were hun. Most of them were. THeSKiTTLeZ: I mean *heads THeSKiTTLeZ: A big factor of how people view situations and, more generally, life is based on how they were raised... THeSKiTTLeZ: Now... SinfulSugarHigh: I totally agree with you. I was raised to except and respect myself, to know that I had the strength to deal with anything that came my way if I tried hard enough and to know that even if i felt like I had the worst situation in the world, there was always someone worse off and I should try and see the good in people. THeSKiTTLeZ: I did not have a mom that deserved any mother of the century awards, but she definitely raised me damn near the best she could. And when I look at someone that has a need to demean (sp?) someone just to feel good about themselves I think about what their parents were like. THeSKiTTLeZ: Well it sure as hell is nice to meet (or talk) to someone with the same, or damn near the same, morals that I do. THeSKiTTLeZ: Now it is time for that ciggy. BRB hun. :-D <--- Cheesin' SinfulSugarHigh: I've thought the same things. My nephew and younger cousins have grown knowing that I'm 'special" from them. I've tried my best to instill in them that just like I'm special for this, they're special because they're each unique and wondeful little people. Now, the oldest of the younger boys (he's 4.) INSISTS on helping others. SinfulSugarHigh: Alrighty :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Well, I am happy to hear that they takE a weakness to another level by actually using it as something that they can use to make other people's lives better and a lil more sugar-coated. At the age of 4, especially. When I was 4, all I cared about was myself, which I think a lot, if not most, children are like that. SinfulSugarHigh: Brennan, Hayden and Dawson spend a lot of time around with me at the park and such so they've learned about differences. Brennan sometimes wants to help push my wheelchair so, I'll let him try (helping of course) but it makes him feel good to think that he's helped me in some way. THeSKiTTLeZ: It is a very good thing to have in such an early age. Your cousin will be quite a person if he continues to be as he is now. SinfulSugarHigh: It's imporant for kids to learn about differences. I've had parents that shun their children from me and such when the yask questions, but in fact I would much rather EXPLAIN THeSKiTTLeZ: Well, that also brings me back to how kids are raised. If they have opportunities to help out in a way that other people benefit from, they would be helping themselves out 10X more just by the feling you get from doing so. If kids are just given everything they want, and not helping others with a task or what have you, they tend to grow up to be shitheads... most likely just like their father/mother. SinfulSugarHigh: exactly! THeSKiTTLeZ: Yeah, sheltering children from differences can have quite the impact on how they live their lives. Pretty much in the same way as I said above. THeSKiTTLeZ: When I used to dye my hair all different colors a lot of my friends parents, my parents, and onlookers just did not understand why in the world I would do such a thing. All it was was being unique... different... not in the way of getting people's eyes to wander to me, but just as a statement. SinfulSugarHigh: You know, your views make me smile. THeSKiTTLeZ: I must say, your views and morals are really nice to see. Many people just do not understand the whole meaning of life just because they haven't sat down and thought about what they believe in and how the break their morals. If more people like yourself were in this world, we wouldn't have half the problems that we do today. SinfulSugarHigh: Awwww THeSKiTTLeZ: You are one of the most down-to-earth people that I have met in a very, very, very long time. SinfulSugarHigh: Well, anytime that you would like to talk, vent, laugh, etc... and I mean anytime, I'm always here hun :) THeSKiTTLeZ: One of a kind I'd say. I haven't been talking to you for a long time at all, yet I know you more than half of my friends. THeSKiTTLeZ: I appreciate the offer, and believe me, I will take you up on that quite often. SinfulSugarHigh: I am an open book :) SinfulSugarHigh: Great! I like talking to you. THeSKiTTLeZ: An open book that has no end to the plot and will never be finished being wrote. THeSKiTTLeZ: Well I have have really been enjoying talking to you and hope that you don't feel like going to bed for a while. SinfulSugarHigh: Life is a never ending story sweetheart, there's lines written every day. SinfulSugarHigh: I'm a nite person so I'm set. THeSKiTTLeZ: It has been a long time since I can actually keep speaking my beliefs to someone without any ifs or buts. THeSKiTTLeZ: Good thing because I am quite the night owl as well. SinfulSugarHigh: You know what? If you would like to talk on the phone sometime, you can have the number :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Sure, shoot it off to me... I am not as fluent in my conversations on the phone, but I would appreciate that. THeSKiTTLeZ: I will do the same... SinfulSugarHigh: (219) 743-7462 is my cell. It's an Indiana number because that's where I was when I got the phone, but 770-4671 is my home as well. SinfulSugarHigh: (the 770 number isn't long distance or anything :) ) THeSKiTTLeZ: Well, mine is 754-9800... it isn't where I live, but it is where I am 90% of the time. SinfulSugarHigh: lol, alrighty! :) THeSKiTTLeZ: :o) Well, thank you... I will have to give you a ring sometime... THeSKiTTLeZ: I am curious to hear what you sound like, but I will wait to speak to you on the phone some other night. SinfulSugarHigh: Feel free to anytime :) SinfulSugarHigh: So whats on your mind? :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Oh and I will, too. When I have someone's word, I milk that shit for all it's worth... you don't think that talking to someone because you really enjoy what they have to say "using" do you? lol SinfulSugarHigh: LOL. No, talking to someone because you enjoy their company is a wonderful thing. THeSKiTTLeZ: Hmmm... quite a bit actually. School, friend stuff, music, this movie (john q)... SinfulSugarHigh: John Q is such a good movie. THeSKiTTLeZ: Hey, would you by chance have another picture of yourself? THeSKiTTLeZ: Yeah it is... THeSKiTTLeZ: Just goes to show what people will do and what they will risk for another. THeSKiTTLeZ: (the movie) SinfulSugarHigh: Sure, it's a bit blah because I didnt have makeup and my hair wasn't done but a friend wanted a quick snap today, so here ya go... brb SinfulSugarHigh: There you go! :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Thanks! Just wantin' to see more of who I am talking to... weeellllll, and you are quite attractive, but for the most part... lol :-D SinfulSugarHigh: lol, thank you.. i think ;) SinfulSugarHigh: Smile! You have the most adorable personality, and you seem very sweet. THeSKiTTLeZ: Wow, I don't know what it is, but the most attractive women look so much better without make-up. SinfulSugarHigh: Aww :) SinfulSugarHigh: I dont wear much anyway, there's no sense in it really. THeSKiTTLeZ: The girl that was pretty much "the one" was a very beautiful young lady. I would always try to convince her not to wear make-up. This was not too big of a task for her because, at the time , her and I were the only ones that we had to impress and it was never about looks. She did not wear make-up for around 2 weeks and I noticed that she had new, better feeling about herself. SinfulSugarHigh: There is too much thought put on 'making ourselves up' and thats exactly what it is. A mask. THeSKiTTLeZ: Not that she ever had a problem with her feelings toward herself, she was quite full of self-esteem, but it just took her liking to another level. SinfulSugarHigh: It does. I can confidently go out without make-up and my sister (who's older than I by ten years.) asks me why or how. THeSKiTTLeZ: Sure is. Just something to make others see something you are not (completely)... Just a way to get different "judgements" on yourself... THeSKiTTLeZ: BUT...! THeSKiTTLeZ: It also gives some women more confidence about themselves, when really they should be loving what is under all that expensive ass make-up. SinfulSugarHigh: Sometimes, sad but true. SinfulSugarHigh: You know, you totally get the "making Xerah smile award" no one can ever get me to smile! SinfulSugarHigh: I mean, I try but they cant just MAKE me smile. THeSKiTTLeZ: Some girls can do it without even really noticing any difference while others think they are naked... kinda missing a part of them when it isn't a part of them at all. SinfulSugarHigh: It's just an expensive crayon to play with in a more grown way THeSKiTTLeZ: Woo-hoo! I've never won anything in my life! *hold the applause* lol Just kidding, but you have just been making me feel so, so good inside... Not that I am getting "mushy" or anything... :o) But it is true. SinfulSugarHigh: Aww! Well I'm super glad that I can! :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Sure is... on the make-up issue... have you noticed how little girls (8-13) dress these days??? SinfulSugarHigh: That really bothers me. I'm small enough to still wear clothes from Limited Too, they're the only store i've noticed for kids that doesn't sport mid-drift tees and hip hugger low cut jeans. THeSKiTTLeZ: It is like they are taking all their mothers clothes or older sister's and shrinking them. It is quite, well, quite frankly, disgusting. SinfulSugarHigh: Exactly. I will never allow any children I have to dress that way. SinfulSugarHigh: You're the type of person that makes me just wanna hug them. I love hugs :P THeSKiTTLeZ: Neither will I. I just can't understand why someone would let them dress like that. It's like they have all just landed in the wrong time to be a kid. The reason why I say ths is everything on tv is about sex. Half-naked women shakin' their ass on mtv and rappers singin' about drugs, money, power, fuckin'. It just isn't the type of thing that kids need to see... I wouldn't want my kid's role model to be eminem. As much as I love rap music and rappers, it just isn't something a kid needs to be exposed to. SinfulSugarHigh: I totally agree. THeSKiTTLeZ: :-D:-);-) I loooove hugs to. SinfulSugarHigh: Yay! :) Cuddling and hugs are the bestest thingies! SinfulSugarHigh: Worlds happiest thing for Xerah: Sharing ice cream and hugs n cuddling with someone. That's oh so yummy. THeSKiTTLeZ: A hug to me is a body expression (non-sexual) that can say everything in just a minute that is a totally different thing than saying hello, goodbye, thank you, or sorry. THeSKiTTLeZ: Nothing can match a hug. SinfulSugarHigh: Nothing, and the best part? It's one size fits all and can always be returned. A hug is the best medicine for anything. THeSKiTTLeZ: *smile from ear to ear* As do I... cuddling is sooooo great. I wonder how cuddling and eatting ice cream would work out... lol :o) THeSKiTTLeZ: Damn skippy. SinfulSugarHigh: lol you're soo cute! :o) you can hold an excellent conversation too THeSKiTTLeZ: I noticed that you don't swear very often (if at all)... is this part of your morals also? SinfulSugarHigh: I do every now and again, but it's not part of my every five second vocab. THeSKiTTLeZ: Why thank you... :o) Right back at ya babe. SinfulSugarHigh: See and now you're smiling! I told you it was contagious ;) THeSKiTTLeZ: Well, I do not mean to swear, but I just find myself doing it quite often. SinfulSugarHigh: No one MEANS to do it hun, it just happens ;P That's okay though. No one's perfect. People are only perfect because they're loved THeSKiTTLeZ: It has to do with the type of people I chill with and plus, at my school, they really do not care if we swear or not. SinfulSugarHigh: Freedom of Speech ;) THeSKiTTLeZ: Yes, and as you may of already noticed, I take that freedom for all that it is worth. SinfulSugarHigh: All of our freedoms should be appreciated as they were meant to be :) THeSKiTTLeZ: If I have an opinion on something, I will speak my mind. Now, if it jis just none of my business in anyway I bite my lip. Someitmes clean off, but I haven't had to get any stiches yet. SinfulSugarHigh: So, I hope you know ... I'm gonna have to cuddle with you sometime! ;) That's like a rule now. hehe. THeSKiTTLeZ: Hey, cuddling is as inocent as it comes. THeSKiTTLeZ: Absolutely no objections here... THeSKiTTLeZ: So... THeSKiTTLeZ: What's on your mind? SinfulSugarHigh: Yayness! hehe. I'm such a kid at heart, I have disney things all over my room. Although I'm not too muchof the "girly girl" type, I love toys. hehe I'll never grow out of that.. THeSKiTTLeZ: :O) THeSKiTTLeZ: Everyone has a little bit of their childhood self in them, some just show it more often than others... SinfulSugarHigh: Oh lots of things. I can tell there is a lot to you. Youre open, but yet there's layers to you, I like that. It gives me things to get to know. THeSKiTTLeZ: Me... I have really had to mature in the last 2, almost 3, years, so mine does not come out quite as frequent anymore. Not as frequent doesn't mean that I am a super serious person, but it just means some of my immaturities are more refined than before. SinfulSugarHigh: awww THeSKiTTLeZ: Oh yes... THeSKiTTLeZ: Layers, and layers, and more layers there are. I am a pretty complicated person as in a whole, but I am not a complicated person to get along with. SinfulSugarHigh: Complication is simply divine. SinfulSugarHigh: *huggles* I hate to do this sweetheart, but I must be up by 1 today. I promised my newphew, Adrian I would take him to see a movie today, but please don't be a stranger! I'm on here a lot around 9:00 at nite til whenever I sign off :P THeSKiTTLeZ: You are a very interesting person. You know what you believe in and stick to it. If you have something to say, you say it. And the best part of you is I have the same interests as you and what you have to say matters to me... it sinks in. I think we could learn a lot from eachother. SinfulSugarHigh: We could, I know we could. That's pretty obvious from what I can see :) THeSKiTTLeZ: Alrighty Xerah. I bid you a wonderful sleep and to have a great day tomorrow. THeSKiTTLeZ: I am going to try as hard as I can to get back on here around 9 so we can have these great conversations some. SinfulSugarHigh: You also Jeff! Sleep the greatest of sleeps and dream the very sweetest of dreams. THeSKiTTLeZ: Which I am not going to have to try very hard. SinfulSugarHigh: ::giggles:: I'll talk to you very soon, I hope! :) THeSKiTTLeZ: I will for you and myself... Good night there, dear. Don't do anything I wouldn't do! lol SinfulSugarHigh: ;) Don't do anything I wouldn't do either! SinfulSugarHigh: Sleep well doll. THeSKiTTLeZ: You too, sugar. THeSKiTTLeZ: Good night. :o) SinfulSugarHigh: n'nights! *suqarkisses* goodnight. THeSKiTTLeZ: *HUGS AND CUDDLES*