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What up people? I'm Skittlez also know as Flava Flave to some... This is my ass kickin' site (or at least I think so). It is always being updated, so make sure you check back here frequently. So go on now and explore this shit already! ~SKiTTLeZ (AOL NAME: JeffPadrick)

NEW Updates:

{03/09/04} wow, sure has been a while since i have put anything on this bitch... sheeeit... well, i am not gonna put anything new on here cuz, quite frankly... I DON'T FUCKIN FEEL LIKE IT!!! yay... just putting this on here to make sure them boneheads @ angelfire don't delete this grace of god... lol

{04/02/03} NOPE. NOTHING NEW. :-P

{12/18/02} GUESS WHAT!!! I have been a lazy ass mofo and I have not done ANYTHING to this page... OOOOOOH WELL. Just checkin' in to let ya'll know I am still alive. :-D

{11/05/02} Da BaNDiTZ put on menu... Yup yup... Goto it if you wanna know what the fuck it is.

{10/11/02} Whaaaaaaaaazuuuuuup?!?! Well, I have been QUITE busy today... I put a lot of new images on here that makes it look a little slicker (Thanks for makin' 'em Xerah), changed the link colors, and changed some font colors... I do believe that is all for now... Oh yeah, I changed some font faces, too... Yaaaay! :-P

{10/10/02} I am on a motherfuckin' roll tonight! Contacts is now also up and running. Now ya can bug me if you'd like...! :-D 5 links revived from being dead, 4 to go! THEN I can start expanding... WOO-HOO!

{10/10/02} Kool-Aid is now not just a dead link... Check out the coolness of the Kool-Aid Man!

{10/10/02} BRAND NEW PAGE: RIP-Gumbi Jr is now up... Just payin' my respects to my beloved bong. I love you Gumbi, Jr.! Even with all of those blemishes us humans call cracks. *SNiFFLe*

{10/10/02} I added lots more pics to the My Pic portion of the site... well, page to beb TECHNICAL about it... blah! Yup yup...

{09/25/02} My Pic is now up... The name says it all... it's a pic of me. I know I said I was going to have one thing up a day, but I have gotten busy with a great girl that I just met... *HUGS TO YOU (you know who YOU are)*

{09/16/02} About me is complete... All other links here are dead so far, but I will get at least one done a day. ~aDioS~