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The Jist:

{Name} Jeff aka Skittlez aka Flava Flave!

{Age} 19

{Representin'} Saginaw, MI (the SagNASTY)

{Occupation} Being a professor in the field of Pimpology (accepting new enrollments)< ';0+9BR>
{Rollin' and roamin'} '95 Dodge Avenger ES

{Future Occupation} Internet Design

*Sports- Baseball, hockey, football, basketball, snowboarding, BMX, pool, darts, keg stands, bong rips, pretty much everything...
*Watching movies (goto Movies2C for my favorites)
*Video Games (goto Video Games for the games I play)

*Alcoholic drinks- Absolut, Seagrams Gin, Jack Daniels, Smirnoff, Corona, Michelob Amberbock, all Budweiser, George Killians
*Non-alcoholic drinks- Dr. Pepper, Sobe (Energy), H2O, lemonade, orange juice, Cherry Coke
*Foods- Anything italian, grapes, peanut butter cookies, steak with mushrooms and mashed potatoes, seafood (kalamari is yummy), pizza, and chinese buffets
*Sexual position- Girl on top backwards :O) Some idiot wanted me to look bad, too, and told me the technical term for it (reverse cowgirl)... So there ya go dumb ass!
*Card game- Euchre
*Color- Baby blue *Holiday- Halloween
*Musical artist- Nelly (goto Muzik for all the music I like)
*Shows- Crank Yankers, the Man Show, the Drew Carey Show, South Park

Much, much more coming SOON!