How to have a Girl



There are five steps or levels. It's pretty straightforward stuff, so I will not get too deep into it. The purpose of this is to drive up the X or girl gene production in your husband. It does not happen over night or after one or two tries at it. You must start at level one and move up. Once you start you must stick to it. In other words you can't do a few level ones then stop for a month and do a level two.

To get a very high X count, plan on two or three level ones/level twos a week in the beginning and by month 2 or 3 you should have done at LEAST 3 level 3's and 2 level 4's (level 5 not required but might just happen and also is useful in clearing out your husbands old sperm ). If you can do more, great. And Remember all these levels must be done in a place where your husband can watch you. Never do level 2, 3, 4 or 5 without your husband present.

Level one will not increase your husband's "x" or girl jeans. What it will do is increase your husband's sperm count. This is of course a good thing as the more sperm the more likely it is you will get pregnant quickly. In level two you'll start seeing an even greater increase in sperm count and the increase in the number of girl genes to boy jeans in the sperm. After having four or five good level twos the number of girl jeans will keep moving up to about half girl and half boy. After you get into level 3 the number of girl genes will out number boy genes two to one. In level four the girl genes really begin to takeoff and after three of four level fours about 97% of all his sperm will have the girl gene.

Just a side note, there are many books on the market about how to select the sex of your child. Forget them! The only way to have a girl is to put so many more girl genes inside of you than boy genes that the odds are hands down in a girls favor. Now there are two other ways of doing this. First, there is a method of filtering out the girl genes from the sperm and have only girl genes put inside of you. This can get costly, about $4,000 a try and you might need 4 or 5 tries. Or your husband could become a heavy drinker for about 4 months. (heavy as in a 6 pack a night) Alcohol kills sperm and will kill boy gene sperm faster than girl gene sperm. This is because girl gene sperm have a heavier outside shell, which is why they are larger, and it is this heavy shell that protects them. I wouldn't suggest this route.

Here we go: Clothing. We all think we're hot babes, but even so, you don't want these encounters to take very long to get started. I'm sure you already have these, but if you don't buy some very, very short skirts and some very, very breast revealing tops. Your clothes should SCREAM look at me, talk to me, come on to me, touch me everywhere. Also loose fitting tops that will fall away from your breasts when you lean forward. This lets the target look down your shirt. Don't wear a bra.* (see foot note) Try going to your local goodwill and pick up some items that have possibilities and take a scissors to them. Don't waist your time sewing the cut edges. Just use fabric glue.

Every time you and your husband go out anywhere, wear a very sexy outfit, because you never know when you could find a target for a level one/two. You never know when an opportunity might present itself so be prepared.
The guys you should go after should be as young as possible and they are called targets. The reason for young targets is they get fired up very fast and they are naive enough to believe you when it's time to break away from them.

Level one is nothing more then intense flirting. This can be done anywhere, anytime. This is why you must be dressed correctly. At the mall or any other store, at a fair, beach etc. But don't wait for them to come to you. Try a hole shot when you know a possible target is standing right behind you. (A hole shot: keep your knees LOCKED. Legs should be 18" or shoulder width apart. Bend over at the waist with a very short, flared skirt or dress, no panties.) Remember these encounters should happen quickly. The faster you start and get into a level the easier it is to break away in any level. As you start, you just want a level one to go no further then just flirting. Later on you'll start with level one and end with level 3 or 4 and possibly 5. You may not be use to flirting so don't let it get you down, if you feel silly. Remember practice makes perfect. There is nothing wrong with going to, lets say a mall and doing 4 or 5 level ones or twos one after another.

Level two is just like level one but your job is to get the target to touch you. Maybe rub your neck, back or legs. The beach (get some target to rub sun tan lotion on you) nude beaches are good so the target can rub lotion all over you (breasts/love box). At nightclubs it should be very easy to have a target feel you up a little during a slow dance or in a dark corner. A classic level two is to go to a sporting goods store or shoe store. Wear a very short straight skirt. Be unsure on what shoes you want so you get lots of help from the target. Act as if you are not aware that he's looking up your skirt. Keep your legs apart enough so he gets a good look and sit on the edge of the seat and lean back in the chair. This will create the best view for the target. When you try on a pair and walk around limp a little and complain your leg hurts. If he takes the hook and asks you where, tell him it's your calf and then rub it a little. Hopefully he'll ask, if he can rub it for you. You say ok. As he does, tell him it also hurts further up. See if you can get him up to your inner thigh.

Level three you are going to what the target to fondle your breasts and suck your nipples. You should be wearing a very easy access top, like a very, very short cropped scooped neck top that is so shortly cropped some of your breast should be visible at the bottom. Or an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt, the bottom of which is tucked up and under the chest strap of a two sizes too small bikini top leaving the shirt wide open in front. Or a bolero top with a white narrow see-through scarf tied loosely around the breasts with a knot in the scarf between your breasts or any other top that the target can get his hands on your breasts with ease and without having to remove your top but just pushing it aside. If this encounter is to level three only, wear jeans or shorts. Try applying a temp tattoo to your breasts so only part of it is showing. This gives him a reason to get to your breasts. If he asks to see the tattoo say, what's stopping you.

With level one or two it should be easy for you to break away on your own, but level three you may need help. The best way is to come up with some signal that your husband could easily see, and then he would call you on your cell phone. Of course it would be some terrible problem that you would have to deal with and the target could not come. Make sure to give them a phone number (not your number just a number) this will make the target happy and increase your ease in leaving. Once again the younger they are the easier it is to break away. If things are moving slowly a small amount of kissing may be required. It also helps if you tell the target you pulled a muscle in your rib cage and it's very sore, the target should be all too happy to rub it for you. It is very important to tell the target how good it feels. Then it's just a short trip from your ribs to your breasts. If a little kissing was required, now is the time to tell the target there is something else you'd much rather he kiss and guide his head down to your breast.

There is also body language. Stand straight, hold breasts out. Also where your arms are is very important. Where your arms are will tell the target what you want. Here's an example of mine, I'm in a parking lot at night I'm leaning up against a car and talking to the target. Now your arms are your defense, so if your arms are crossed in front of you or at your sides this tells the target 'hands off'. What I did is put my arms behind my neck and played with my hair for awhile, then I spread them out along the roof of the car. This leaves my front (breasts) unprotected and tells the target I'm all yours. Putting your hands behind you also works or leave them behind your head. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work the first time. It also helps to pay the target a lot of complements, like if he is rubbing your sore ribs tell him he has strong hands. If the target tries to go for your love box tell him you're on your period and you're a heavy bleeder. Works every time. If you recalled from above, I said to where shorts or jeans, this will help stop the target from going down there and keep him interested in your breasts. If the target suggests you go home with him or somewhere else just say that your waiting for your girlfriend, or you like it here. If he's worried someone might see tell him you like that because you're a bit of an exhibitionist. If he tries to pressure to leave then end it. Give the signal and your husband will call you. Don't let the target play with your breasts for more then 20 minutes. 15 minutes is about right. It is also a good idea to rub a lot of Vaseline into your nipples before hand. Some guys get pretty wild when sucking on nipples and this helps a lot. Places to go are beaches and beach bars at night, antique car shows at night, antique motor cycle shows at night, fairs at night, drag races at night, nightclubs, nudist clubs, water parks at night. Or any place where you might find a lot of young guys milling around like a pool hall or a video arcade. Remember these encounters should happen quickly. The faster you start and get into a level the easier it is to break away in any level. Also, since this level should take no longer then 30 to 45 minutes, from beginning to end, you could do several of these a night. This is easily done on coastal beaches where there are beach bars every mile or so up and down the beach. Also don't be picky about the target. They should be young, by themselves and look bored as if they don't know how to interact with the crowd. Geeks work out very well.

Level four is the same as three but you'll be wearing a very short skirt. Everything is the same with level three, but in this case you what the target to move down to your joy box. Now lets go back to me at the car in the parking lot. To make it easy for the target, I lifted my right leg and placed the bottom of my right foot against the body of the car and then swung that leg out so my legs were in the shape of a 4. This really opens up my joy box. The right leg then gives a place for the target to place his hand and then he'll start rubbing your leg and move up to your box. If the target doesn't do this you may have to guide his hand to your leg. Don't be afraid to be the aggressor.

Other things you should do, is put some KY jelly in your box. It will make the targets playing much easier. Never use Vaseline in your box! Condoms now come in different sizes. Buy some extra large size and insert one into your box with your dildo. The condom ring should be placed into your box right behind your lips. Female condoms are very hard to find nowadays and this technique works the same. Even though you're not having sex in level 4 the condom inside of you will give a feeling of security. Also bring some extra standard sized condoms just in case you let it go to level 5.

Level 5: sometimes it's easy to get carried away so bring some regular sized condoms with you. If you get too involved in level 4 and it feels just too good level five is fucking the target. If you do it, it's the female on top to start (so you can put the condom on the target) and straight sex only. Ideas here are check into a beach hotel that has a large picture window. Leave the lights on and the curtains open about halfway so your husband can watch through the window. Use the levels above to get the target into the room. If you do this, make sure you're facing toward the window or away from it when you're on top. It is very important that your husband sees the target go inside of you. He can't see it happen if he's watching you from the side. If the target gets on top make sure your box is toward your husband and your legs are open wide.

Other ideas: it can be done on the beach at night or a picnic area by a fair at night, but not in a car as it would be hard for your husband to see although it can be done on a cars hood. Another idea is look in the paper for a handy man or run an ad for one in a university newspaper. Get them out to look at some small project. You're looking for someone younger. Wear something next to nothing and use levels 1 through 4. Then level five in the bedroom while husband watches from the closet. There is also nothing wrong with doing a threesome; your husband, the target and you. This can be done by hiring a young handyman and set him to work on a project. Tell him you've got another handyman coming out to work on a different project. Then your husband shows up (as the second handyman) and you put him to work. You then come on to both of them and make sure to hand out beers with a shot a whisky in them. Your husband then starts talking with the other handyman and they plot on how they're going to get you in the sack.

To get good results level 5 is not necessary if you've had some really good level 4's.

Things that will happen. One thing that will happen is your husband will become very attracted to you, like it was when you first met and lust after you. Next, all women have a biological need to cheat and have children from another man. Tests done in Europe show that 17% of all children are not the offspring of their father. This goes way back to our early days. Of course men cheat too.

What does going through these levels do? It satisfies the woman's need to cheat without really cheating because it's not cheating if the husband is watching. It has been shown in long term studies that women who don't flirt with men are more likely to be depressed, have high levels of anxiety, and high levels of stress. Also couples who practice levels 1 and 2 in their daily lives have less arguments and live longer and happier lives. It also decreases the husband's interest in cheating, as he is too busy lusting after you. Last and most important is your husband will start producing larger and larger quantities of sperm and a greater and greater percentage of these will carry the X (girl gene) but this does take some time about 2 to 3 months. You can not speed up the process by going to level 4 right away. You have to go by the numbers, however, it is permitted to combined level one and two as long as you have a lot of them. Once you have gone through the levels and you're doing level 4 at lease once a week then it's time to try for the baby. The best time is as soon as possible after you finish up with the target. Your female brain will still believe that it's about to have sex with the target and your body will make great efforts to hold on to your husband's sperm and get it to the egg. This is because of the female's brain desire to have children from more then one man. As an example, if you were to get to level five with the target and then you were to have sex with your husband your body would push out 96% of all the cum your husband put inside of you. Tests over 20 years have confirmed this. So having sex with your husband right after, (no more the 2 hours) breaking away from a level 4, your female brain will think it's still with the target, hold onto, help the sperm get to you, egg, getting you pregnant fast and greatly increasing a girl will be born to you. Plan these level 4s to happen soon after your period ends. Then continue to have sex every other day, but re-live the level 4 before you do each time (see Sex, re-living, and sucking off, below). Is this great or what! As I said in the beginning level 5 is not required but is useful in clearing out your husband's old sperm. Let me explain this. The male animal brain somehow knows that if it is the second one in line to have sex with the female the female body will force most of its cum out. So to over come this the male animal brain will cause it's body to ejaculate a very large amount, about 3 times more than normal. This requires sperm to be brought up from the depths of the testicles. This is good, as it will clear out any old sperm that might have high counts of boy genes.

Sex, re-living, and sucking off.

After doing a level have sex. Of course if you're out to do several level 1 or 2's wait until your done with your set before having sex. Remember, don't let your husband cum in you until you're ready to try for the baby. Always suck him off as, he cums much harder and in greater quantities if you suck him off correctly. And this helps to clear out the old sperm.

Spend as much time as possible talking about the encounters. In words and actions try to re-live the encounters. It is almost as good as doing them for real. Don't be afraid to say, "I really liked how this one target sucked on my nipples." Then try and show your husband how the target did it. You will not believe how this will turn him on. Never say any thing negative about an encounter. If you didn't like it, just say, "that target had no idea what to do." Ask your husband about what you should wear. Then try it on, then practice going through a level.

When you talk about starting to do this in order to build up his X count. If he thinks it's a good idea, and so do you, never question him as to why, or ask him if he thinks it's still a good idea when you're half way through the levels. This will put him on the spot, drive down sperm production and make him feel it was all his idea. However, if you don't like going through the levels then say, "I really don't like doing this and I want to stop." And leave it at that. Never put him on the spot.

It is important to re-live these levels as often as possible. It helps drive up sperm count. Always suck him off after re-living a level. This will help him clear out his old sperm. Also as a side benefit it will help you lose weight, too. As it turns out sperm has a very powerful appetite suppressant in it and it is a growing trend in Europe for women to suck their husbands off first thing in the morning before they roll out of bed. Studies over 12 years have confirmed this.

All in all.

The above are just some guide lines. Feel free the come up with your own ideas and most important, have fun with it. To get other ideas try the Penthouse magazine called "Variation" and watch soft porn movies. Then talk about any ideas that come to mind then act them out with your husband first to get some practice at it.

To add a little mystery to it, wear a flamboyant pair of dark sunglasses, even at night. This will make you a mystery to the target and give you a kind of mask to hide behind allowing you to be anyone you want. Have fun having your new baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Oh yes. It does work I just had my first ultrasound and I am the proud mommy of twin girls.

Foot note: * Also loose fitting tops that will fall away from your breasts(like a double breasted suit), when you lean forward works great on your boss at work when you want a raise. When you lean over to give him something your top will fall away from your breasts and he'll be treated to an eye full. Then hit him up for the raise. I have friends who have moved up the corporate ladder very quickly taking advantage of their bosses this way.