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10/28/03 3:31
YAY!! HALLOWEEN'S ALMOST HERE!!!! I'm so happy I'm gonna be a vampire! HISS!!! i'll put up a pic or something soon. neway, i added a link on the snes page 2 hm farm's snes page, (an EXCELLENT site, by the way) so now if nebody goes a'lookin for SNES information, they shan't b dissapointed!!
~yeah, i'm hyper

9/20/03 3:31
Sup. Mouth's feeling better. Moved some of the updates to the old updates page. That's it 4 now. C-y'all

9/19/03 3:31
Added Goals page. Go Moo Moo Girl! Again!

9/19/03 2:23
Sup my little dogs. had u thought ur wemaster had abandoned u? well, then u cannot fathom my loyalty. my loyalty runs so deep, that currently i'm typing w/o looking at the screen b/c i'm trying to balance an icebag on my upper lip b/c i just got done w/some open mouth surgery. yeah. so sorry for any mistakes. the bag just fell off again. ***. here we go. i'm typing one handed looking one eyed at the screen and usimng the other hand to type (very) slowly. no, using the ferst mentioned hand 2 type and the other hand to cover half my face with a freakin ice bag. can u tell that they drugge me during the surgery? it was at 7:30. I slep until 1:00. we left teh hospital at like 8, but then i went home and slept for about an hour or so, drank some, turned over, and went back 2 sleep. i just took it (the icebag) off so i could talk 2 y'all. i had open mouth surgery, hence the icebag, that (i think) the point of was to reduce my gargantum gum size. there's something u don't hear every day. (I have braces, so the gums could get in the way of getting them off). I"ve also had braces since 2nd grade. hmm. oh, and i just got my ears pierced for the first time. go moo moo girl!! it's one of those things that i kept meaning to get done, but never did. yeah.

i'm gonna make a goals page and a 'life lately' page, for y'all that want details. details of what's happened since i've been gone. they'll include my first b/f (at 15 years old FINALLY) who was a popular prep but turned out to also b manipulative and played head games, our breakup, his obbsessiveness, cherabue 2 the rescue (yeah, the one from fogu), a nice little cuss out, respect from my stepsister, an invitation to the basement, and a nice little self assessment.

And i'm sorry i went on vacation. but i needed it. really, really bad. school had just started, i'm the antisocial type who was born 2 b social, and i had a couple of friends who i needed to get closer 2. virtual life's fine, but it's no replacement. yeah. oh, by the way, i might start a poetry site ^_^

so that's that. i'm back. but since it's during the school year now, i can only promise updates every other weekend. during the school week, i'm busy with friends, homework, etc. And then every other weekend I'm at my dads, so if I do miss an update weeekend when I'm here at my mom's, it'll be another 2 weeks, so there'll be a month's difference in updates X_X but I'm sorry. Life's Life, deal with what ya got. Not 2 mention I doubt my self control of staying off all the time during the week.

Yiyiyiyi!! I know, I know. I haven't been updating. And I still haven't updated, either. School starst soon, been busy, so busy I g2g right now!!

Made a backup page for the STH & GB2 page. I did the BTN page the other day, if I didn't tell y'all, earlier in the month.

Que Pasa! Watched the movie Me, Myself, and Irene last night. V. funny. I finished working on the ordering of the IGN images (AWL), you know, so like all of the pictures inside of your house are together, then the pictures of on your farm, the of the inside of otehr people's houses... you get it. And I also put up a link on the AWL page to the pics from Newtechnix. By the by, does anybody know the URL of the web sites HM Honey and HM Firefly? The Firefly title I'm not sure about, could just be "Firefly". Anyway, if you have 'em, PLEASE email the address to me! Please! And we've reached 200 on our counter a v. long time ago, but I never wrote it down cuz I was in a hurry. Not like y'all can't see it ^_^ so let's do a little jig *doodoododo!* What? Are you laughing at me? Leave me alone! I amuse myself!

Updated AWL Animals page.

K, like no time. If i leave off mid sentence, that's why. AWL upadates, added an analysis 7th the other day, been SO busy, wrote it down in updates then forgot to save. oops. today's the 22nd if i don't have time to change the date. AWL animals coming soon, u know, upgraded c-y'all1

Ooop-Z. Forgot to change the date of the last update. See, what I do every time I update, I just copy and update from the one before, delete the text, change the date, and type in whatever I want it to say, so I don't have to type all the span HTML. Lazy, I know. Oh, well... Ho hum. But y'all! I am severely disapointed in all y'all! Only 2 people have signed my guestbook, and the counters past 100! *Does a little jig and sings 'my coun-ter's past a hun-dred, my coun-ter's past a hun-dred!*. Okay, to the point, SIGN IT! NOW!!! That's a link, just so y'all know. So I don't have to inconvenience my readers with the strenuos activity of scrolling down the page. I'm nice to YOU, so now you me nice to ME, and sign my guestbook, and then Myself and I won't have to send you mean nasty hate-mails. K? LOL I'm working on an AWL page, with all the pictures from IGN and most of the pictures from NEWTECHNIX. So I am working on something, just so y'all know. But first I might back up my site on a couple of floppies. Or should I finish those pages first? Decisions, Decisions...

Yo! I FINALLY got the last HM64 Festival completed. And if I have to break off halfway through typing this update or if the AWL page doesn't get a link up, that's b/c I'm supposedly watching my 2 year old brother who is, at the moment, sleeping. Happy 4th on the 7th! And guess what? On the 3rd, I got contacts! YAY!! Contacts are a pain in the... eye?... though. People are so NOT supposed to stick their fingers in their eyeballs. Did you know I spent like 3 HOURS up there at the place because we couldn't get 'em in??? THREE HOURS!!!!!!!!!! I can still hardly get them in. It's a pain. I got contacts because I HATE my glasses. Some people can wear glasses and look okay, but they make me look like a NERD :( So I got contacts. Still don't quiet understand? Here, I'll explain it in a mathmatical formula below LOL:

- = =
My Eyes - My Ever-So-Ugly Glasses = Hotness = Andrew

Que Pasa! I know what y'all THINK i'm gonna say. "I added the Autumn section of the Festivals from Harvest Moon 64". That's what y'all were thinking right? Well, y'all were WRONG!!!!!! HAHA! No, actually, I just really didn't feel like working on it, so to make up for it, I did what could be an extensions page for AWL, only it doesn't have any info on it, just pics. LOL

I also just fixed the Alt Box (little yellow box that appears when you put the mouse on the link) (don't feel bad. I didn't know what it was either until I tried to find the code for it ^_^ ) on the Fan Art Link. It had to do with the address to the page, so the link probably didn't even work. Whoops! Anyway, there's not much to add the AWL page worth adding since the release is in like, a month, and if I put it up it'll all have to be deleted. If you feel like protesting, just email me. Who knows, I might listen ^_^ So, instead, I'll just work on my Links page. I've been trying to get together a list and rating of all the HM Websites. I didn't realize exactly how long that was gonna take until I happened to glance down at the bottom of the screen when the top row was selected and saw the words "1 of 96". This is gonna take a while...

Wazzup! I added the Summer part of the Festivals page for Harvest Moon 64 and fixed the background. I didn't realize it was messed up, sorry y'all ^_^; Anyway, I also got a new Affilate, HM Silo, who also loves cows. YAY!!!!!!!! COWS ARE SO COOL!!!!!! Cool site, HM Silo, by the way it is too. Make sense? Has to not it does, it's my site so I can type Yoda style if I want to, cuz Yoda style type I can. By the way, If you wanna see a picture of some cows, including Double 0 Seven, click there and here. Amazing the spare stuff you can find in your images directory, no? Anyway, so HM Silo's a new affilate, I might or might not put up a link to my brother's World of Bob Web Page (don't ask). By the by, you know, I might put up a page about cows. That'd be cool, wouldn't it? Not today though. I'm gonna go poke around on some other sites and see if they wanna link, bye now, c-ya, hasta luego, adios, y goodbye.

Yo. Guess what? I'm not dead. Big surprise. Okay, at the urging of AthenaBks for Updates, I added the Spring part of the Festivals page for N64. Sorry dudes, I had to hurry and didn't have enough time to finish. Finish it up tomorow, though, fear not! Oh, and I added a link to HM Kablooie. Good site. And I added a Guestbook. Not such a bad list of updates after all, huh? Sign it, by the by, if anyone's actually reading this LOL.

Got another affilate (HM Place) and dos mas links (2 more links), Moon Pie and Wine Red No Kokoro. Moon Pie's a FANTASTIC HM4Girl site, and Wine Red No Kokoro is a Karen Shrine. All Three are v. good.
I don't think I'm going to start working on the GB3 Section again for a while. I've got commitments to help start other sites in several other places, and pretty much everybody is waiting for the new GB game about to come out, Friends of Mineral Town. If y'all really, REALLY want the GB3 section back up really soon, just email me and cuss me out. If about 20 people do it, I'll figure I need to put it back up. ~Ciao.

Oh, and uno mas thing. If you like cows & anime, (& boys) keep coming back. We'll have a new link up soon ^_^ Plus, there'll soon, I hope, be a new section, completely unrelated to HM, called Celeste's Anime. (Celeste being the coolest person in the universe.)

In case y'all can't tell, I let Celeste type everything after the smiley face...

Guess what happened? I got another person (Razzy from Falcon's Wings) email me back to affilate, and that's all set up, but you know what I did? I deleted my GB3 Section. Yep. Whole thing. Vamos. All Gone. Deep into the abyss of the Angel Fire Recycle Bin. I feel like crap. Do you know how BAD this is!?!!? And this happens at the same time I make a commitment with my brother, Moo Moo Dude, to make a Suikoden Site with him. Great. Wonderful. Fab. By the by, you like my cow down at the bottom of the page? Cute, ain't it. Moo Moo Dude made 'em for me. Got a counter, too. You're probably like Person #4, huh? Oh well. That's the point of getting these links set up, right? I think I'm going to sing. LA LA LA LA! This SUCKS! LA LA LA! LA LA! I feel better now... I'm gonna go have some hot chocolate.

Got the Little Yellow Boxes - "Alt Tags" Put up all the way (I never finished. Mommy called me to put up the dishes LOL I guess I'm a "big girl", huh?? LOL). I am in a good mood tonight!!! And guess what?!?!?! If you take the time to actually read them (the alt tags), then you'll notice my links page read "Link". MEANING WE HAVE A LINK!!! YAY!!! Go Us!!! Our First Link! Time to Celebrate!!! LOL
Go Me!!!

Found the Little Yellow Boxes. They'll appear on the links that make no sense above. LOL...
Yesterday I emailed about four sites asking to link. I've about given up on the affilate list. That one dude STILL hasn't emailed me back. What's wrong with these people?! LOL! :)

... What can I say? I was gone for 4 days to my dad's house, then my stepsister came over and hogged the computer IM'n her friends, and THEN the phone lines blow out. I'm sorry.

Finished Spanning the GB2 and GB3 sections the other day, but didn't update. Sorry, old habits die hard. Licks for me. What else was on my goal list? Check out IGN's screenshots and Lissa's code? I can do that.

5/24/03 (it's 12:04 am, by the way)
Finished Spanning the HM64 section.

Just lettin' y'all know I'm still alive. I've been working on the site, even though it's been almost a year since I actually took the time to record it. If y'all are actually looking, you'll notice this nifty span text that just popped up. Know I'm finally starting to promote my site, joined the "I AM" Clique, if they let me on *heehee*. HM Network wouldn't work, though. Wasn't reading the sent data or something. Gotta email him. Or her. Who knows. Anywho, here's the gameplan y'all. I'm gonna join any HM networks/cliques I come across, finish the span text on the GBs y HM64 sections of the site, keep updating the AWL (finally got it caught up - phew!), link directly to some sites, go onto Lissa Explains it All HTML tutorial (great site, by the way) and find the code for the little yellow dropdown box thing on the links, keep trying to load IGN's new screen shots, and throughout all this tell y'all what I do. And in 2 weeks. That's my goal, that WILL BE MET. Y'all hold me to. Lord, I'm gonna be busy. Give me strength and a couple of extra hours in the day.

I am SO COOL! Guess what? I updated the AWL page! Lotsa new stuff to see, pics to ponder, and cows to milk! I redid it so now you click on which "Analysis" you want. Analysis 1 is the oldest, Analysis 2 next, then Analysis 3, on and on. Ought to work pretty well. Have fun!

Wazzup! Just lettin' y'all know that I'm still workin' on it right hard, a'ight?. Sorry for lack of updates, but "I'm a Work in Progress!" Found somethin' cool though. Thing that if you go to the Cigna Website and click on teh pink ribbon, it adds one dollar to what Cigna's gonna give to the study of Breast Cancer. Sounds like a good cause, not all that hard, and I actually took time to do it. That lets you know how easy it is. It's okay. I went, not a virus downloader or anything. URL's It's only good through October
Looks like I've paid my dept to society now :)

9/6/02 Even later that night...
I'M DONE! I finished the Fanfic and Fan art section, which means I AM COMPLETELY DONE!!!!! Sure there'll be improvements and add this here and that there, but my site is functionary! All I have to do is go through and email this site and that site to ask them to link to mine, but that's more like a mark of finish than work. I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!!!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO DONE!!!! I'M DONE! YAY!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY! I THINK I'LL SING!! [cover your ears/eyes] *ahem*

For all the people to see
That Justice is the one thing you should always find
You gotta saddle up your boys
You gotta draw a hard line!
When the gun smoke settles we'll sing a vict-ory tune
And we'll all meet back at the local saloon
[All together now] And we'll raise up our glasses against evil forces Sing-in'
Whiskey for my men, Beer for my hors-es *da-da-da-da-da*

9/6/02 Later that night...
Finished Library Section. Finished isn't exactly the right word, though, because its just basic functionary. Later I might add a flower info page and other essays in addition to the game quotes already up.

It's been a while, I know. I've been busy with school and gathering info for STH. I got up Grandma's Bible, which is basically a bunch of odds and ends. It's called Grandma's bible because in the old days they put EVERYTHING in their bibles, from birth dates to recipes. Grandma's Bible explains Harvest Sprites, King of Lake, etc.

IT'S BEEN A WHOLE MONTH SINCE I UPDATED? NO WAY!!! I can't beleive it... summer's almost over. Has it really been over a month?!? Maybe I updated but didn't right it down...? Probably. GB2 section is up. That only leaves AWL, GB, STH, and would leave GBA, but there's no info on it, which makes it kinda hard to have much info on it... not very much info...
(: IDEA! :) *Ahem* To make up for the recent lack of updates, I shall put up an entire new section: on GBA :)
Went to the Orthadontist(how do you spell that, anyway?) today. I hadn't been wearing my rubber bands like I should at the end of school, but I really did try and make up for it afterwards. Anyway, he said it looked good. YAY!!! I'm so happy! So happy I put up the SNES section... sort of...

DooDoo DaDum, DooDoo DaDum, Elmo's World!
All y'all who don't have little babies in the families have no idea how addictive those songs are. BTN and HM64 are up

?/?/??(Days change too often...)
GB3 IS DONE!!!!!!!