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The library is a collection of books from the different games. If I've missed a game that has some books in it, point it out and where you can find it.

BTN Books

By Basil about Mother's Hill

Flowers - 1 -
Mountain Flowers
The mountain I always hike has many different kinds of flowers blooming, depending on the season. The most common flower in this village is the Moon Drop. In the spring, some places are completely covered in these yellow flowers. In the fall, a flower called the Magic Red blooms. The flowers are normally blue,but sometimes the blossoms are red. The villagers hre use the flower for medicine. Why these plants sometimes bloom red flowers is a mystery.

Flowers - 2 -
The Flower of Happiness
In the winter, when the mountain is covered in snow, some people claim to have seen a white flower blooming. The villagers call this the Flower of Happiness, saying those who view it are blessed with happiness. Other countries have similar stories, and because they are all snowy countries, it is thought to be the same flower.

All About Fish - 1 -
More and more people are using fish ponds to raise fish. If you raise them successfully, they will spawn and multiply.

The Cave Only Accessible In Winter - 1
In the village where I live there are two caves. One is the cave near the spring that I wrote about in another book. The other is a cave you can only get to in the winter. I only know what I heard from the blacksmith, but it seems you can find metal ore in this cave too, so I assuem it is somewhere in the mountains of the village.

Hiking the Mountain - 1
I go mountain hiking once a week with my family to look for plants. There is a hot spring in the mountain that the villagers are free to use. Last time I went thre I was surprised to find eggs in the hot spring, but a farmer and a little girl told me this was a good way to boil eggs.

The Cave Near the Spring - 2
There seems to be another cave in the village where I live, different from the cave I wrote abut in my last book. But I will write about that another time. I touched on the subject of golden ore in my last book about the cave near the spring. But in this other cave there is an even rarer ore, which they say can also be used to make tools.

The Cave Near the Spring - 1
There is a cave in the village where I live, near the spring. It is said that you can find metal ores there to make tools with. Golden ore is the hardest to find. You need to dig deep.

There's a Handmade book by Mary

"That's when Marlow Chrisford figured out the entire mystery."
...Seems to be a mystery novel...
"Inside the UFO, a weird creature was laying down on a horizontal platform."
...Maybe it's a science fiction story...
"Then the hero Shinichi Izumi....................."
...It appears Marlow Chrisford wasn't the main character after all...

...Shinichi walked gloomily down the streets of London...
"Hey Shinichi. What happened after that?"
"Hello Marlow. Thanks to you, I managed to sneak into the UFO, but the truth remains a mystery."
"There's no hurry. We still have lots of time."
...The story of these two has just begun...

These here are "Creatures of the Mountain" volumes 1 through 3.

"Creatures of the Mountain - 1 - Mountain Animals"
Many animals live in teh mountain near my village. Rabbits and squirrels and even foxes live there. People say that monkeys sometimes share the hot spring with the people of the village.

Creatures of the Mountain - 2- Mountain Insects
Many kinds of insects live in the mountain near my village. Cicadas, crickets, grasshoppers, ladybugs, bees, and even rare insects like the Atlas beetle and the Stag beetle can be found there.

Creatures of the Mountain - 3 - Problems for the Villagers
Like I wrote before, many different animals live in the mountain near my village. There are animals like foxes, but nothing dangerous like bears or wild boar. However, wild dogs live on the mountain, and these sometimes come down and attack livestock, which is a problem for the farmers.

"These books were not written by Basil... It looks like they were written a long time ago. They're titled "The 7 Brothers in the Forest" volumes 1 through 7..."

"The 7 Brothers That Live in the Forest - 1"
A long time ago, there were 7 little brothers who lived all apart from each other. The brothers were not very friendly with the villagers because th3ey were small and the villagers seemed big and scary. Each brother had a different favorite color and liked a different favorite thing, so they figured they would always live apart.

"The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 2"
One day Chef, whose favorite color is red and who likes to cook, realized he had a problem. "I lvoe to cook, but there's nobody to eat my delicious food..." Hoggy, whose favorite color is yellow and hwo loves to sleep, also had a problem. "I love to sleep so much I don't want to get up and cook, but then I just get hungrier and hungrier."

"The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 3"
You can hear the sound, Hoo Hooooo, at night. Something sparks in the doarkness. "Ahhhh!" Shiver-shiver-shiver... Timid like the color green because it's easy for him to hide in the forest. But even then he's scared. You can hear the sound, Hoo Hoooo, at night. Something sparks in the darkness. "Hai, Yaaaa!" Crumbel-crumble-crumble... Bold loves purple because he can hide in the shadows and use his battle cry "Hai, Yaaa! to defeat large enemies.

"The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 4"
Stylish Aqua loves the color light blue. "Sigh... I'm running out of provisions fast. I like being stylish, but when I work I don't have the time... "Ughhh... That's as much as I can do... Ahh!" Staid is a very serious and a hard worker. He likes the color blue and everything he wears is blue, so he is easy to spot. "Staid," said Aqua, "let's live together. It's got to be better than living alone." "Aqua," said Staid, "what brings you here, and with a story like that?" "Well you see," said Aqua. "whisper...whisper...whisper...

The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 5
"Ha ha ha, so htat's it," said Staid. "Sure, let's live together. But what's the point of everything being clean if you're still hungry?" "Even when your stomach is full, your heart remains hungry if things are not clean." replied Aqua. "OK, so you do the chores like cleaning and laundry." "So, all I have to do is eat?" asked Hoggy. "Yes, all you have to do is eat. I enjoy watching you eat my food and being told it is delicious." replied Chef. "I don't understand, but that's fine by me." "Ha ha ha, what a mess you are," laughed Bold. "Oh, it's you Bold." squeked Timid. "Who did you think I was?" "I don't know, but I'm scared of everything in the forest." "Well then, you should stay with me. I'm not afraid of anything." "OK, if that's what we do..." "If w're going to live together..." "We'll need a bigger house..." "Let's leave the forest for a bit..."

The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 6
So Chef & Hoggy, Staid & Aqua, and Timid & Bold all decided to leave the forest for a while. The first one to find the house was Staid. "Hey, I found a house that's just right for us." "Yes, it's a lot smaller than a human house, but it's just the right size for us." "But there's a light on inside." "Let's go in" "Hey, wait... Aqua" ..Crash! "Oh..."

The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 7
"Hello brother, long time no see." There in the house was the youngest brother, Nappy. "Oh, it's yo Nappy. You surprised me. How did you get this house?" "The people of hte village built it for me." "What?" "I always thought there'd be at ime when we would all live together, so I had them make 7 beds." "What made you think that?" "Because look, all of you are here." "What?" When Staid and Aqua turned around, they saw the rest of their brothers walking toward the house.

I'll check later

Mountain Harvest - Seasons
In the Spring, you can gather bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest near the hot springs on the mountain. Like the hot spring, the bamboo forest is public property so anyone can harvest there.

By Basil about festivals of the village

"Village Festivals - 1 - The Local Horse Race This village holds a local horse rac eon 18th day of Spring where horses fromteh farms of a number of villlages come together for a race. The farmers normally use their horses for farm work, but as the race day nears they spend time training their horses for the race. Once I asked a nearby farmer if there was anlything special one could do to win... "I don't do anything special, just brush my horse and talk to it everyday." "Actually it is better practice for the horse to get on him and run, but... my leg." That was his answer.

Village Festivals - 2 - Opening Day
This village holds an opening day ocean festivalon the 1st day of summer. In this festival, young men participate in a swim race. There appear to be no particular rules, but the "thrash" seems to be the most popular swim style. Swimming in the ocean is hard work, so the men are all very serious. This ocean race is quite difficult, and you must take many small breaths or you will tire and have difficultyy reaching the finish line. My friend the swimmer says: "It is better to take short small beraths when long-disance swimming," But for us amateurs, it is hard to keep pace even over short distances. It is better onot to wait until you cna't hold your breath any longer. It is not good for your body to hold your breath for so long.

Village Festivals - 3 - The Chicken Festival
This village holds a Chicken Festival on the 7th day of Summer and many people from nearby villages come to participate in the chicken sumo. The fights take place in a circle, with two chickens trying to intimidate each other out of hte ring. I talked with the host of the chicken sumo, himself a poultry farmer... "People don't train special birds for hte contest, but they do tend to select the chicken they feel most strongly about," "Such chickens want to do their best and impress their owners, so they'll try their hardest. Some don't even need urging." "But if the owner is not paying enough attention, their chicken might flee out of the ring at the first fright." "...I guess it all comes down to the relationship between man and hen (laugh)" This is what hte referee said, The thing that motivateds the chicken most is probably the love it has received from its owner.

Village Festivals - 4 - The Tomato Festival
This village holds a Tomato Festival on the 12th day of Summer to celebrate the tomato harvest. What the villagers do is have a big food fight with the tomatoes. Most of the villagers participate in this festival, forming teams of 3 people each. It is a festival enjoyed by people of all ages. The men can throw faster than the women and children, but in the end it all comes down to how well you can dodge the tomatoes.

Village Festivals - 5 - The Dog Race
This village holds a Dog Race onteh 10th day of Winter. In this race, the owners run as fast as they can and try to get their dogs to follow them to reach the goal first. The sight of dog owners trying so hard to get their dogs to follow them sparks much laughter fromt he crowd. The interesting part of this race is that it clearly reveals the relationship between dog and owner. Dogs that are trained try very hard to keep up with their owners so they can stay close. If a do has not been trained properly, when it tires and can't keep up it will wander away and forget about the race. I asked the host of the dog race whether he had any hints for winning... "It's simple. The owner just has to run at the pace of the dog." That was his answer. I guess that's all there is to it.

GB3 Books

Blessings of the Field
Ch1: Tilling the Soil
Use a hoe to till the soil. The hoe only works on the field or the pasture land... Pay attention to the color of the soil. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of beautiful flowers on your farm! Ch1: Tilling the Soil END By Florist Nina
Ch2: Sowing
One sack of seeds covers a 3X3 square area of tilled soil. There are wild animals that eat planted vegetables... A scarecrow can solve that problem! Vegetables and flowers can be grown only on the field, and the grass can be grown only on the pasture land! Plus, you need to use a shovel to prepare the soil to grow rice. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of beutiful flowers! Ch2: Sowing END By Florist Nina
Ch2: Watering
Don't forget to water the vegetables and the flowers everyday. You don't need to water grass, rice, or wheat. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of beautiful flowers! Ch3: Watering END By Florist Nina

Living with Animals
Ch1: Animals
Animals are pretty tidy. Brushing and shampooing is very important. You can get a lot of milk or wool if you take good care of them. Ch1: Animals END By David at the Animal Shop
Ch2: Feeding
You give fodder to the animals, but you need to grow grass to get it. Place the fodder in the feeding stall of each animal. You must do this everyday, otherwise* the animals might get sick. Don't forget to feed them once a day! Ch2: Feeding END By David at the Animal Shop
Ch3: Baby Animals
If you want a female animal to have a baby, you need to place a male and female animal in a certain in the barn. Take good care of the female animal for 30 days, and she will have a baby. You need to work hard, but it's worth it. Oh, to hatch an egg, place it on the incubator for 7 days. Do not forget to have both hens and a rooster! Eggs won't hatch if you don't have a rooster! Ch3: Baby Animals END By David at the Animal Shop

Ch1: Selecting Tools
Tools used to be stored in the tool box, but you will use the System Command this time. Select a tool in the Status Screen. Seeds can be selected in the same way. Now you don't need to go back and forth to the tool box... Ch1: Selecting Tools END By Inventor Ann
Ch2: How It Works
Sickle, hoe, ax, hammer, watering can and shovel work as follows. Sickle: Used to clear the field and cut the grass. Don't use it to harvest! Hoe: Used to till the soil. If you till a wrong spot, place a stone or a log to undo it. Ax: Used to chop stumps. Hammer: Used to break stones and rocks. Hit 6 times to break big rocks. Watering Can: Used to water vegetables and flowers. Get water from the river. Shovel: Used to bring water from the river. Rice is only grown on shoveled fields. Ch2: How it Works END By Inventor Ann

Gallop Stakes Report
The Gallop Stakes is more like a book that automatically updates itself. It numbers the winning horses of the race automatically, 5th-1st, and the places are subject to change. So there's no point in listing places that randomly change. Instead, I will list the different entries that occur. If you read the Report one day and see a horse or filly not enetered below, please email me. Horses:
Ocean King
Rice Shower
Great Brian
Simply Stay
Holy Monky
Sp Diamond
Winning Gun
Simply Stay
RB King
White Dove
Diana Act
Ride Leader
North Frost
Stone Flyer

Catch the King!
Fish List By Greg
Farm River: Carp, King Carp, Black Bass, Bluegill.
Lake: Snakehead, Black Bass, Bluegill, King Salmon.
Village and Wharf: Parrotfish, Blowfish, Pink Maomo, Blue Maomo
Ocean: Dorado, Sailfish, Coelcanth, Archerfish, Horned Shark. But, you need a boat to sail out to the ocean!
Secret Info! Secret Place: King of Lake.