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Yo & Yo'k. Sup? Here's the goals for now, near future, and at some point. Enjoi:

Goals Page This 'un shouldn't take long LOL

Music Page This'd rock. We'd either have a certain "day" when we'd have music playing all over the site, like every friday or probably every weekend. it'd b whatever i pick. OR, we could do it so that anytime u go into my sie, a default music thing'll pop up in a little box with a cute HM illustration, and the music'll play in THAT window. If u like it, u can keep it up in the corner or minimize it or whatever. It'll b a song on continuos play. The Window would have a cutesly little HM illustration, like that dude with his guitor,or Kurt if it was a punk-rock song, or maybe Joe if it was a patriotic song. Just whatever fits. Down at the bottom, it'd have 3 little links:
1) wouldn't actually per se be a link, but it'd tell u the name of the songe and what album it's from
2), if u didn't like the song, would say "Next song on album", if i'd uploaded the whole album
3) would b "New Song" if u wanted to listen to SOMETHING, just not this
4) would b "I'm a freak who doesn't like music or a dork who listens to pop *cough cough ocean-fantasy*" and would close the window
Neither way would be a downloads page, cuz that's illegal, but it'd just put music on my site for my loyal ears... loyal readers' ears... readers' loyal ears... exactly how many ways can we put this together...

My Life Lately you'd get 2 this page by clicking on the cow, there'd b a link at the top or bottom. Tell you what's up with my personal life lately. Oh! I wrote a poem, by the way:
I walk through the halls
can't remember the rest. sorry! oh, but here's another one I DO remember:
I stand in the running water that I might capture its heat in my heart
So with this terrible coldness I might part
But the water only courses down my skin
Never stopping to seep within
Not bad, huh ^_~ I'm kinda proud of it. I haven't wrote very much poetry lately, tho.. that one's from 6 months ago. maybe. somewhere in there. Yeah... OK! Moving ON!

Check out the HM64 Festival Thanksgiving. I've got a sneaing suspicion something's wrong

Find out HM Silo a.k.a. Moo's new URL. They went and changed it on me.

Get a date with Andrew. I so did not just type that.

Figure out what happened to my pictures in the contacts=andrew equation. They've disappeared.

Refigure the Andrew equation. Gotta add in pierced ears.

Figure out what's wrong with the real Andrew equation. Stopping now.

Set up Calendars

Set up a huge art section. Might even do it on a different server b/c of all the memory it'd take up. It'd be pics basically unaltered, official art stuff only, or at least mostly, that anybody can use on their site.

Delete Screenshots Sections after AWL & GB4 come out. I need the memory bad.

See if I can glean off any new AWL info off Mentor Cherabue.

Redo the GB3 Section I deleted. Grr.

Email Cherabue(I think I already did...) & GamerGir (HMFarm owner) about settingup temporary links 2 their sites for down sections of mine

Standardize Sections of the Site

Incorparate more images