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Harvest Moon 4 Girl: FOMT

They've added to new games while I've been away ~tear~ feeling so unloved~ Anyway, so here's what's up! It's a new Harvest Moon game, based on Friends of Mineral Town, that lets you play as a girl. Very similar to the setup of BTN vs. the first Harvest Moon for Girl. This game, however, will be for the Gameboy Advance system. It'll be released in Japan on December 12 of 2003. Other features include:

able to continue playing after you're married
6 different outfits
more recipes
sell the meals you cook
able to link up with the AWL 4 Girl coming out soon
a "mystery guy" you can marry: Kappa (who'd want to is a mystery to me, personally, but hey, whatever floats your boat...)
new legend: "The Legend of the Seven Rings" ( ring to rule them all one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness BIND THEM!) (and, by the way, BECAUSE I'm sick, I can't go to see that movie ~ pout)
Here's some art:

And some screenshots: