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If you are reading this I will take a wild guess that you are wanting to know something about the person behind such characters as Ethan Haddock, Raven Sinclair, Aiden Bole among others. For those of you looking for a quick fix on getting to know who I am I’ll humor ya. For those of you looking for a deeper and more thoughtful discussion about who I am, I will indulge. For those of you who are wondering just why you are still reading this after three sentences, please feel free to hit the back button on your browser. Just don’t let me know about it or you may face the wrath of Miri.
P.S. If a link doesn't work, let me know.

Go Here for Pictures! The short stuff:

Location: Alhambra, California in the USA - though most say, "Where?" It's less than a five mile drive from Pasadena which is a much more well known place. It's where they hold the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl every year.

Birthdate/Star Sign: September 26, 1974 – I’m not really big on the whole star sign stuff, but I am a Libra.

Favorite books/authors: Okay – don’t hurt me here, but my absolute favorite books and author is The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. I also like:

Favorite movies/actors: Let me start with movies – oh, and you won’t see any really new movies in my list. To me a favorite movie has to stick with me for much time before I can put it on my favorites list.

I suppose I’ll give my list of new movies that I really could see as potential favorites:

Actors and Actresses:

Hobbies: Reading, RPGing, writing, traveling, crocheting and piano.

Things I Love: My friends - particularly the ones who've served as rocks for me over the last year. And still are. You guys are truly my saving grace!; Twilight - which is not dusk or night. It's that brief moment between day and dusk that is almost impossible to catch; white roses - they are fantastically beautiful; Kauai - the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. I would love to live there someday.

Things I Hate: Idiots. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and spiders. I hate spiders. I despise spiders. *shudders*

Characters Played on AAH: Ethan Kanoa Haddock, Ryan (Kapono) Burgess, Justin Alexander Haddock, Bryan Gideon Prewett, Raven Jezebel Sinclair, Caitlin Elizabeth Rose, Rafe Eason, Rigel Leathen Sinclair, Aiden Bole, Antonin Dolohov, Filius Flitwick

Characters Played on PI: James Potter, Justin Alexander Haddock (the bastard when he was becoming one!), Clayton Hainsworth, Claire Kincadd

Pets: My cats, Lady Guinevere and Sir Purrsalot

Whew! Okay, now if you’re still with me, I’ve even taken the time to do all those character workshops on yours truly – ME! (SIDE NOTE: Yeah, these in come in a bit - you know, it's harder to do those for oneself than one's character.)