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Ethan Kanoa Haddock

Updated 1/22/2004

Favorite Color: Bright Reds, Greens and Blues. He has a particular affinity for Hawaiian prints.

Most Prized Possession: He's really got two. One is his puka shell Hawaiian necklace. He's never seen without it on. His other is his quiver of boards (what surfers call their selection of boards).

mas Favorite Food: Anything Hawaiian. He's particularly fond of lau-lau and li-chi

History: Ethan Kanoa Haddock was born to a Muggle mother and pureblood father. His twin, Ryan Kapono Haddock was born ten minutes after him. Starting at the age of three he attended a local Hawaiian cultural school with Ryan. At the school they were taught the history of the Hawaiian Islands, the Spirit of Aloha, and due to their mom's insistence, they took hula classes. During their free time they spent hours at the beach learning to surf.

It was at the young age of six that Ethan's life began to rapidly change. While surfing, Ryan was in an accident that ended up taking his life. It was also at this time that his father's attitude towards him and his mother shifted.

mas Ethan always knew that there was something different about his father, beyond the fact that he was a Wizard. He had always had an air of superiority cloaked about him and months after Ryan's death, which his father blamed his mother for, Ethan was wrenched from his home and taken to live abroad in England. He was introduced to the Wizarding world and the status of pureblood versus halfblood and Mudblood was brought to his knowledge. Upon learning that his father was a pureblood, he took that pride upon himself, though it was quickly squelched when his father - in a fit of rage - 'informed' his seven year-old son that he was a halfblood.

After that one year abroad, his father became tired of him and sent him home to his Muggle mother. He never heard from his father again. When his mother died when he was 8, in never explained circumstances, he went to live with his Aunt Kona. Being that his Aunt had been a huge part of his life, the transition, if not the situation, was fairly simple. When news of his father's death reached him a year later, he was torn between sorrow and relief.

mas Upon recieving his letter from Hogwarts he was uncertain about going, but with his Aunt's insistence and support, he went. Being sorted into Slytherin was a huge surprise to him (his father was in Slytherin) due to his halfblood status. He has since kept his secret and is terrified that it may someday be found out.

Personality: Ethan is rather an enigma in many ways. He can be the nicest guy in the world following the Spirit of Aloha to the letter, but the next moment he can be a downright mean bastard - basically as moody as hell. He has an angry streak in him that he often loses control of and it has landed him into trouble on more than one occasion. He keeps his secret of his paternity wrapped like a cloak about himself (though Rhyssen, Dana, Sarina, Rose, Mariana and Lavender now know).

Character Strengths: He has prefect aim and incredible balance. He is also excellent at charm work.

Character Weaknesses: He is arrogant and tends to think he is the gods gift to women.


Ethan's dating history: Sadly it must be added, for my own sanity.