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Bryan Gideon Prewett

Updated 12/12/2003

Favorite Color: Forest Green

Most Prized Possession: A crystal ink well of his mother’s and a picture of his parents when they were at Hogwarts.

mas Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

History: Bryan was born to Gideon and Holly Prewett December 10, 1980 during the height of the Voldemort years. His father and one of his uncle’s joined the ranks of Aurors upon their graduation from Hogwarts and, five months after Bryan was born, were both killed by the Death Eater, Antonin Dolohov. His mother took him and hid for a month, but was found and killed as well. Bryan, hidden by a spell, survived and was eventually given into the care of his fahter’s eldest brother, Mortimer Prewett, a wizarding attorney. His uncle rarely speaks of his father or mother and the only information that Bryan has is derived from a faded picture of his parents taken in their last year at Hogwarts and a crystal ink vial that was his mother’s.

His uncle has definite plans for Bryan which involve following his footsteps in a legal career. However, this is not what Bryan desires, yet he feels obligated to do as his uncle requires, particularly due to the fact that until the age of 21, Bryan’s significant inheritance is held in the control of his uncle. Bryan’s own choice is to become a dragon keeper, something that he has desired since attending a Wizard circus at the age of six with a friend and seeing the amazing things the dragon keeper could do.

mas mas

Personality: Bryan is a very thoughtful individual. He has a good heart and seeks to find the good in everyone and is always available to talk with anyone who has need. In terms of his studies, he has a deep drive and passion to do his very best in whatever he sets his hand to – a trait he has developed due to his uncle’s insistence of perfection. In terms of his friendships, he can be loyal to a fault, but has the courage to stand up when an injustice is being committed either to or by his friends.

Character Strengths: Bryan excels at drawing often amazing those around him with the utter reality of his drawings. Having been taught a simple spell, he is able to make his drawings move. He is also highly unafraid of what others think of him, choosing to live by his own drumbeat.

Character Weaknesses: Though he is unafraid of what other’s think, he does let his uncle run his life which is a source of anguish to himself, though he sees no way out of the situation. He also tends to get highly involved in studying and in research for his uncle and must often be forced to relax.


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