Motivational musings based on the question."If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does it make a sound?"

How old is this question, anyway? My current conjecture is that it is Aristotelian logic in expression. Therefore, thousands of years old. My first Aristotelian cunundrum went thus, "If a hippo is large and mrs jones is large is mrs jones a hippo?"
On second thought Aristotle had nothing to do with this tree thing...and I am filled with enough mental fertilizer to constipate a hippo.

1. If I fart in the woods and no one smells it, does it stink? (brilliant thought of 10 October 2002)
2. If I say I quit and you say I am fired,does it matter? (16 October 2002)
3. If I am killed by a religious fanatic, am I any less dead? (Unknown date)
4. If you say there are none of our tanks in town, does that mean you win? (21 April 2003)
5. If an eltist calls themselve a progressive and nobody notices, does that mean the eltist hates the idea of America any less? (21 August 2003)
6. If the individual human body is 70% water and the human-kind is approaching 7 billion, is this contributing to world desertification? (24 August 2003)
...and the brilliance just continues!!!....
7. If the telegraph was based on dots and dashes, and the 'puter and net on open/close does that mean we have seen only an elaboration of a tech idea, and not a new idea? (sept 2003)
8. If women were once bombarded with ads for increasing bust size, and men are now encouraged to increase "tool" size has anyone really been liberated? (09 nov 2003)
9. If we put Christmas decorations up earlier and earlier each year, does that mean we are attempting to obey a subconcious command to make 'every day' like Christmas? (10 nov 2003)