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National Breed Survey - NDRC - April 2004 - Paul Fleige (Germany) - passed .

"Measurements: Muzzle 9.5cm; Skull: 15cm; Height 66.5cm; Length 76cm; Girth 94cm; Depth 32cm; Weight 48.8kg.

Dentition: Scissor Bite - Full Dentition;

Eye Colour: 1B

Critique: "Large to very large. Compact. Strong Boned. Very well constructed. Quiet. Very friendly. Typical head. Medium sized ears. Dark brown eye. Short wide muzzle. Very good stop. Dark mouth pigmentation. Strong neck. Strong shoulders. Excellent chest development. Strong very tight feet. Straight back. Correct tail carried downwards. Very well muscled all over. Correctly angulated. Strong thighs. Strong coat. Red brown markings - on the chest slightly darker.

14th National Rottweiler Show - NDRC - April 2004 - Paul Fleige (Germany) - SG.

Rottweiler Club of NSW - April 2004 - Werner Walter (Germany) - Intermediate - V4.

Northern Districts Rottweiler Club - April 2003 - Hans Beirwolf (Austria) - Junior - SG5

Rottweiler Club of NSW - April 2003 - Uwe Petermann (ADRK) - Junior - SG3

16 months. Medium to large, slightly long, strong bones, friendly and alert. Very good typical head, medium sized correctly carried ears. Deep brown eyes, very good stop, short and wide muzzle, dark pigmentation, short and strong neck, very good developement of chest, elbows slightly out, correct angulation and straight in front. The feet are a little soft. Strong back, very good neckline, good angulation in the rear. Well muscled thighs. Tail when alert is carried as a sickle - correct carriage. Strong tail. Back slightly loose on the move, good movement. Strong coat, with rust brown clearly defined markings. Two testicles.

Northern Districts Rottweiler Club - Sept 2002 - Carsten Henrikson (Denmark)- Puppy - P3

National Show - Rottweiler Club of QLD - August 2002 - Yvonne Brink (Sweden) - Minor Puppy - VP3