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NRCA & Aust Ch. Rottbaron Heidi BS

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Heidi's specialty show results are listed below. She reitred from the ring in 2004, at the age of 4 1/2 due to illness.

V4 - RCNSW - October 2004 - Australian Bred Bitch.

NRCA Champion Title - gained September 2004 (10 V ratings and passed the breed survey). V4 - NDRC - September 2004

Australian Champion Title - gained February 2004.

V3 - NDRC - Sept 2003 - Open Bitch.

V5 - NDRC - April 2003 - Open Bitch.

V6 - RCNSW - April 2003 - Open Bitch.

V4 - RCNSW - Oct 2002 - Open Bitch.

SG3 -RCNSW - Oct 2002 - Open Bitch

V1 - NDRC - Sept 2002 - Open Bitch.

"Well over medium height. Very well built. Well proportioned and harmonic. Really good feminine head. Good expression. High set medium small ears. Dark brown eyes. Strong dry neck. Strong forechest. Good strong straight topline. Good deep underline. Medium strength in bones. Very well angulated both in front and back. Good very active movement. Correct floating trot - stable back. Good short fur, warm colours." Carsten Henrikson (Denmark)

V3 -12th National Show RCQ - Aug 2002 - Open Bitch.

SG5 - RCNSW - April 2002 - Intermediate Bitch.

SG2 -NDRC - March 2002 - Intermediate Bitch.

V4 - RCSA - Oct 2001 - Intermediate Bitch

V3 -RCNSW - Sept 2001 - Intermediate Bitch.

National Breed Survey Results: Oct 2001 - Joe Hedl (USA)
Measurements: Muzzle 8.5cm; Skull 14cm; Height 61.5cm; Length 74cm Girth 90cm; Depth 32cm; Weight 43cm;
"Large well built with good bone and good substance. Good self confidence, She is alert and friendly. She has beautiful pronounced feminine head with small to medium sized well carried ears. She has a medium brown eye (2B). Good stop and a good muzzle. Good mouth pigmentation. Straight front with good feet. She has very good depth of chest and a good width of chest. She has good front angulation and very good rear angulation. Strong athletic muscles. She has a beautiful neck, throat, top and bottom line with a good croup. Coat is excellent. Markings overall very good, could be a little smaller on muzzle and chest area. She has fluid movement with good reach and drive. Scissor bite - full dentition." - passed .

V2 - NDRC - Sept 2001 - Intermediate Bitch.

SG5 - NDRC - April 2001 - Junior Bitch.

SG4 - RCNSW - April 2001 - Junior Bitch.

VP2 - RCNSW - Oct 2000 - Minor Puppy Bitch.

VP2 - NDRC - Sept 2000 - Minor Puppy Bitch.