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The Edelfreund Dogs

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"NRCA & Aust Ch. Dellahar Night Trippa (AI)CCD NRCA BS"
[Utz vom Hause Miles BH AD SchHII BST CGC TT (USA) X Dellahar Gold Field]

2008 and 2009 NSW Sieger Winner.
Whelped: 15 June 2004
HD 4:2 ED 1:1
Trip is handled and owned by us. He has matured into an excellent male. He is already multi V1 rated. He passed his Breed Survey (BS) in 2006 and in 2007 attained both his NRCA Champion title, his Austalian Champion title and his Community Companion Dog (CCD) title. We would like to thank Dianne Harrison for giving us the opportunity to have Trip and we look forward to watching him continue to mature, seeing what he gives his progeny and watching him campaign for more of his working titles.

"Just Ask Baron Jack (Imp Sweden) NRCA BS"
[SV-01 Just Ask Chazz (Sweden) X Jacraila Just Ask O'Shea (Imp Scotland)(Sweden)]

Whelped: 5 December 2001 - Died 1 August 2008
Frozen semen is available to approved bitches
HD 4:3 ED 0:0

Jack was a classically strong male. He was a pleasure to live with and was wonderfully gentle when playing with our daughter. His favourite pastime was swimming in the river. Whilst he himself disliked the showring, hence his early retirement, we are now enjoying watching his outstanding progeny mature and succeed in the ring. Our thanks to Gerard and Emily O'Shea of JustAsk Rottweilers for giving us the opportunity to bring Jack into Australia. Jack has been a wonderful asset for our breeding program. We miss him so much!!

"NRCA & Aust Ch. Edelfreund Beau (AI) NRCA BS"
[Swd Ch, Tjh, Korad Zuma's Negrito (Sweden) X NRCA Ch. & Aust Ch. Rottbaron Heidi NRCA BS]

Whelped: 13 January 2003
HD 4:1 ED 1:1

Sharba is owned and handled by Kirsty Meikle and Bjarne Hunter of Fenarba Rottweilers. In 2005 he gained his Australian Champion title and 2006 attained his Breed Survey pass and his NRCA Champion title.

He has matured into a large, strong male who, even with his very large size is willing to work all day. Our congratulations and thanks go out to Bjarne and Kirsty for campaigning Sharba to all these titles. We hope that he passes these strengths on to his progeny.

"Edelfreund Deegan"
[Just Ask Baron Jack (Imp Sweden) BS X Dellahar Trip With Me (AI)]

Whelped: 24 January 2007 HD: ED:
Deegan was raised by Renee Harrison of Dellahar Rottweilers until he was 12 months old.

Following a serious eye injury he was retired from the show ring and returned to us to recuperate. It is our intention to return him to the show ring later this year.Deegan is a dog of sound temperament and possesses a character in keeping with the breed. He has passed this on to his son, Briallen Gryphon.

"NRCA and Aust CH. Deitzrot Grande Emperor NRCA BS"
[NRCA and Aust CH. Nottrott Wilde Hakim BS X Deitzrot Elusive Eclipse NRCA BS]

Whelped: 26 April 2001 - Now Deceased.
HD : ED :

Loki was bred by Lyn Deitch of Deitzrot Kennel, and he was raised and owned by Gayle. He was a dog of exceptional character and temperament and was highly performed in the show ring. He passed his breed survey under Mr Gerard O'Shea in October 2003.

"Briallen Gryphon"
[Edelfreund Deegan X Kormeister Dakota]

Whelped: 2 December 2010.
HD : ED :

Gryph was bred by Bernice Miniter of Briallen Kennel, and he is being raised by us in our family environment. He is a young dog of exceptional character and temperament and we await his further development and show career.