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"A Real Masterpiece"

| opponent : Chris Jericho and Chris Masters | stipulation : Triple Threat Tables Match | promo # : 6 | record : 00-02-00 |

| Cool things : Carlito and Jesus, Mark Jindrak and Maria |
| Uncool guys : Chris Jericho and Chris Masters? |

LOCATION:Backstage and New York City
STATUS:On Camera
TIME: 1:00 PM - Central Time

New Page 1 New Page 1 New Page 1 The uPw is just days away from C The uPw is just days away from C New Page 1

The uPw is just a mere days away from Crisis Control and the crowd is buzzing as are the wrestlers backstage. The whole wrestling world is buzzing over all the big matches and the amount of titles that will be on the line this coming weekend at Crisis Control. One of the big matches on the card is the three way tables match featuring Chris Masters vs Carlito "Caribbean" Cool vs the X Champ Chris Jericho.

The titan tron flickers on as the image of Carlito "Caribbean" Cool sitting in a very comfortable chair looking Marc Lloyd right in the eye.

"The Chick Magnet" Marc Lloyd: Ladies and gentleman I am sitting here with one of the superstars wrestling in on the most brutal matches in the history of uPw, a three way tables match for the uPw X Division title.  Thank you very much Carlito for giving us an opportunity for this interview.

"Caribbean Cool" Carlito: Not a problem Marc, but from now on it's "The Real Masterpiece" Carlito Cool, ok mang?

"The Chick Magnet" Marc Lloyd: Well......

"Caribbean Cool" Carlito:  You see mang, Carlito will not sit here and let you disrespect him, Carlito is cool and is a real Masterpiece unlike that Chris Masters guy.

"The Chick Magnet" Marc Lloyd:  Well "The Real Masterpiece" Carlito, I do have some question we need asked so why don't I get right to it. Well "The Real Masterpiece" Carlito, you are scheduled in a 3 way tables match this Sunday against Chris Jericho and Chris Masters, what are your thoughts about this match and do you think you even have a chance against these other greatly skilled wrestlers who are in the match with you?

"Caribbean Cool" Carlito:  What is wit this guy Kurt Angle mang? First he decides to throw me and Mark in a Hardcore Haven match surrounded by a hell in a cell, with 6 other teams, that was brutal mang, but Carlito got through it, then he decides to put Carlito in a three way Tables match mang, thats not cool, but then he said it was for the X Division Title mang, now that was cool. You see Carlito thrives under pressure. In Carlito's first match ever he challenge John Cena for the WWE United States Championship and came out with the clear and clean victory amng, and Carlito knew nobody thought he was going to win mang, just like this match. I know everyone is counting Carlito out already and that is a huge mistake. And to answer your second question, does Carlito think he has a chance in this match? Of course Carlito has a chance. Carlito always finds a way to come out victorious and it will be no different come this Sunday.

"The Chick Magnet" Marc Lloyd: Well we all saw your trip down memory lane promotion against Jericho earlier this week and we all know how you feel about him and his chances this coming week, but what about Chris Masters? He has made quite the impact since coming into the uPw and is a member of one of the most dominant factions ever created, that being Evolution. How do you feel about Masters and what are your thoughts about his impressive streak and cohorts in Evolution?

"Caribbean Cool" Carlito: Carlito feels nothing towards Masters mang. Sure he is a big guy with an amazing physique, but he has nothing on Carlito. Chris you can train all day and get your muscles as big as you can, but the fact of the matter remains, "YOUR NOT COOL" This is a big match for big time performers and Chris Masters is not a big time performer. Like I said he may be bigger than Carlito, but he has not gone through what I ahve to get her mang. Carlito was born into the family business. Carlito trained for this business at a young age and Carlito knows every hold, every reversal known to man but what masters does not know, is that Carlito will be ready for him and his cohorts in Evolution. Carlito faced Triple H and came an eyelash of beating the "leader" of the group. Carlito can beat man and Carlito beat two men this weekend at Crisis Control mang.

"The Chick Magnet" Marc Lloyd:  But "The Real Masterpiece" Carlito, this is a tables match which seems to me like is out of your element and right into Masters hands, as he will be the most powerful man in the match and can easily lift either of you up and crash you through a table, do you think you could get him on the table and make him crash through it?

"Caribbean Cool" Carlito: Carlito was born into hardcore mang. Imagine this, seeing your father drenched in blood, not week after week, but night after night, Carlito became hardcore then, Carlito so the damage that had to be done to pick up the victory and Carlito will do anything to claim the victory. In this match coming up Jericho is an after thought and ever bit of my attention is being put on Chris Masters. He is what Carlito has to "worry" about. But Carlito doesn't worry about it mang, Carlito knows what he can do in that ring, Carlito knows that one way or another Masters will be going through that table and he will be looking up at me while I hold my championship high. Masters is just a piece of the puzzle for Carlito to put together to win the X Title, and he will be puzzled by the way Carlito come out. Carlito will get a look in his eyes and Carlito will get this look on his face and Carlito will dominate every single compteitor to walk through that ring until he gets whats rightfulyl his and that is the X Title. Chris Masters you may be "The Masterpiece"



















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