-Last Update- August-Nineteenth-Two Thousand Five
-Theme- Ekzotik
(Blue (Basic-n-Baby) White and Black)
-Music- Angie Martinez If I Could Go!

Whats Good Yall??
Yea Yea, I went from the Transition, straight into the Mentality. This is just a small little something for those who wanted a little bit more of Draz, so now here it is.
You have all the information you need about me, so feel free to read, and feel NOT free to IM me with the bullshit!!
Also, this page is not for those who have small monitors (800x600), so if you are experiencing "technical difficulties" with the words and images, then houston, you have a problem!! You better upgrade that ass to a better computer baby!!
Other than that, yall sit back and enjoy what cha hear and see!!
And DONT forget to sign my guestbook, just to let me know you stopped through to see a nigga..

-Name- Vinny A.K.A Draz
-Sex- Yea, I know its rhetorical, but we do have DUMBASSES in the world!!
Im 110% Male
-Bloodline- I pump nothin but Blarican oil
(Thats Black n Puerto)
-Age- 9-teen
-Physical- 6' Even, 175lbs(lil Skinny nikka lol), and Yes, the HAIR is MINES!!
Zodiac- Im an Innocent Aquarian
-Location-Comming From the Three Wun Oh straight to the Two Oh Five
-Single or Taken?- Im taken!! Love You Dre'!!
-Freaky or Shy?- I got a TONGUE RING, come on!!! Guess!! lol
-My Current Emotion, Brought to you by imood.com is-
The current mood of EkzotikMentality at www.imood.com

Im a cool young intelligent individual thats looking for the same thing. Im not as picky as your selective few, but if I like you, you have to have atleast a mind of your own!!
(I mean a smart mind !!)

Other than that, I like
Football - Pool - Swimming - Spades - Fast Rides - Tattoos - Orgasms - Nice Clothes - Smart People
- Versitile Individuals (Wink)
Clean Hygiene - Risk Takers
(I DONT mean kill yoself!) - Goal Oriented Kats - Janet Jackson (and her right tittie, lol) - Last But NOT Least,

Dont You??

Now, I hope if you are reading this part, that this dont count for you
Its VERY easy to piss me off!! (Especially If YOU are in this category)
LOL Oh, and I dont mind telling you about yourself, ya better ask My Nikka Lolli!!

Well what I dont like are...

Fake Breakers - Lazy Kats - Silly Hoes - Bodily Odors
SHORT length nikkas in the umm
"head" lol
Stuck Up Nobody's - A/S/L DUMBASSES - Bad Breath - Boogie Ass Kats - That Tired Ass...
Im not sayin names lol
Did I mention that Ashanti cant sing and Beyonce's a little slow in the head? (Come on now people!! That hoe said 3 kids in the home, and threw up FOUR fingers in the video!!!
Other than that, we cool people!!

Well I wanna first give a lil spot to the Lord I serve, because without him, there will be no US, foreal....

To my nikka Jerelle a.k.a Mr. Thomas, HOLD IT DOWN in the ATL baby boy!! You know when I come through, it will be nothing but HAVOC!!! I can smell them hatin already!! lol
To my nikka Markell, OMG, you a confused one, but Im not going to get into all that, Im just gonna let you continue to dick fish down like your life depended on it!!!
To my main girl Krystle!!! You A FOOL!!!!! You have me rollin the way you just silently embarrass the sh*t out of people!! You never gone get enough!! I love you girl!
To my AOL Peeps, and damn its too many to name from the G.E.G room I got love for all of yall!!!

Well, thats it for now I guess. I hope you like what you saw. So I guess there's nothing left to do but sign my Guestbook, aight??


Free Guestbook from Bravenet Free Guestbook from Bravenet

Free Guestbook from Bravenet Free Guestbook from Bravenet

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