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Creative Oddities Studios is the creative efforts of Jason Sorrell. It includes art work, graphic design, tattoo, comics, and writing. Each of these areas of focus has been given its own "studio" on this website, allowing you to explore what Jason has done in these areas and continues to work on. Jason is available for commissions in any of these areas, and can be reached about projects via email.


Creative Oddities Studios has occupied this space on the Internet since 2006. We've decided to make a move to a simpler and more modern site, focusing on the art. This site will be shutting down in October, 2015, but you can check us out at our new digs here:


The offering of flip-top lighters has been expanded to 15 designs, and 8 t-shirt designs are being offered! Check them out in the shop.


We've added new stickers, new button designs, easier access to our blogs, and information on how to hire us for a variety of artistic services. Next, we will be focusing on new product launches and creating special deals for our fans. Look for more to come, and let us know what you think of the update!


Pruned back a number of obsolete or dead pages, and still doing some site additions. If you miss something that used to be here, feel free to email me and I will see what I can do for you.


I know it has been more than a minute, but we are back to work, starting with a site modification. More to come, so keep checking in!

Straight from the COS Blog...


Sell Your Art of Cafe Press (or a Similar Site) is a print-per-order merchandising website which allows artists to have their work printed on a diverse range of products; from coffee-mugs to women's thongs. It boasts a massive marketplace that is well represented on all major search engines, advertises through multiple channels, and takes the headache out of producing, storing, selling, and delivering your merchandise to your customers. Making the most of Cafe Press and other sites like it, such as Zazzle, requires a bit of a learning curve, and it can take years before you are selling on a regular basis. Cafe Press is an excellent resource for those who wish to create merchandise form their art but do not have the means to produce product through a more traditional printer or producer.

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