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Everyday my love for you gets stronger and stronger. Chantele I love you

A whole different day to say certain things. One day I look at her smile and a smile comes across my face. What am I doing with something so great? I love you to death and God has already made us mates. Love from the deepest part of my heart. It beats the name Chantele, and then I start to crumble apart. Just a look at here makes me melt like putty. Shes so beautiful theres no way you could say shes ugly. There are times that come up when I get afraid. But then I remember that I trust her and we both know we're not playing games. We're in it for the long run on down the line. One day we'll have a house with a birdbath outside. One day I'll wake up and tell you how I feel...then the next day and the next day even when we're ill. Words alone can't explain my passion and desire and love for you. I hope my kiss help you soothe. I love you through all of my days. And pray that one day I can say. Chantele I do untill death do us part, so let me kiss the bride and then we can start our lives together just as we planned. But its God who planned it and in him is where we take our stand. Chantele I love you and always will and can't wait till I get to wake up and see your beautiful eyes looking back in mine. I love you hunny.