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amanda - giggly sweet girl. best friends with elsa. seeing tai.
ashley - cutest funniest girl ever. started so many unbelievable catch phrases. best friend of bronwin.
bronwin - punk, hilarious, emotional. love her.
brendan - australian boy met through flynn. pen pal. musician. would be in love with me if not for the distance between us.
dreamy dave - beautiful grade 11. sings and plays guitar and drives all the girls wild. proposed to me once.
drew - cute, idiot boy. used to be my good friend, but now we don't talk much. we had a thing for 9 months and then he just decided he didn't like me.
elliott - of questionable sexual preference. made out with him drunkenly one night at maarika's. brother is the guitarist for hawksley workman.
elsa - extremely smart. famous curly hair. almost died last year when her appendix burst.
eva - hilarious artsy girl who looks like betty boop, daughter of local celebrity "washboard hank." was the star of my play. now seeing kevin.
figaro - my cat/substitute boyfriend! also goes by baby and kitty. he's a devilishly handsome little thing.
flynn - australian girl who lived here for a year. very into japanimation.
hannah k - party girl. confused lesbian.
hannah m - sweetest little girl. dated kevin.
hilary - home schooled. met her through amanda. always extremely happy and awesome to be around. big on sharing of substances.
jared - my once and for all dream boy. is in university. very funny, very charismatic, excellent with film and footbag.
jon - doesn't like me. very cute, very smart, very involved. into family guy and SNL.
josh - twin brother. smarter and geekier. has the most annoying friends ever.
josh c - gay boy. very silly. is the male version of me in the way that he's a pop culture junkie. wants me to be his makeout buddy.
jurgen - german boy. very cute, kind of dumb. on yearbook and SAC. dates kristin. has a tendency to date SAC members.
kelly - incredible singer. plays piano and guitar. used to date kevin. likes all the same boys as me.
kevin - best guy friend. my SAC partner. i was in love with him for a while. dated hannah m and eva.
kristin - editor of the yearbook, on SAC for formal. very sweet girl. dating jurgen. we used to be enemies for no reason.
laura g. - SAC president.
laura s-p - ditched me completely for the preps. on SAC. turned down nick because she's an IDIOT. skinniest girl ever. my alias and buffy talks person.
maarika - grade 11, but only 15. awesome girl. celebrates all things awful (ie. spice girls). dances with steph, on SAC with me.
mary - yearbook layout editor. extremely sweet. has a twin sister. i was in girl guides with her in grade 7.
nick - "nic." head boy on SAC. best person i've ever met in my life.
oksana - little sister. looks way more artsy than me and makes me jealous.
paul - beautiful, hilarious red head. drummer. has worn the same shirt every single day without washing it since grade 11. have had a crush on him since 9th grade. on SAC as a competing house leader. extremely smart and great to listen to. ADHD, has this amazing creative energy.
peter - ferrety younger boy. SUPER book smart, sadly ridiculous in the real world. was in my most recent play.
spotlight - biggest crush of grade 10. he's a rock star. he doesn't know who i am.
steph - best friend. very long hair, a dancer.
tai - grade 11. most beautiful boy ever. plays guitar and sings like jack white. seeing amanda.