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| "BATISTA'S" Tale of the Tape:

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Batista -vs-. Unknown

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 | Title of Roleplay - 'DWF is in trouble!'

No foward this time
-[End Foward]-

-[Scene One: Arena]-

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-["Good Ol' Jim Ross]- "Welcome fans to the Target Center right smackd dap in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, as GWF brings to you, Thursday Night Thunder!"

-[Jerry "The King" Lawler]- "Oh man lets get right to it! I can't wait any longer. I want to see some great action, that I know will take place here tonight on THunder!"

-["Good Ol" Jim Ross]- "Well King there will be some great action here tonight, as we have some matches that are going to go down here tonight. Such matches as Los Guerreros taking on the Tag Team Champions, in a tag team title match! Also CM Punk takes on Johnny Jeter, and also in singles action. Christian will go one on one with the man they call the texas rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

-[Jerry "the King" Lawler]- "Thats all good and stuff, but I'm really looking foward to the rumor matches that will invovle the best of the best here in this federation. The women!!!!!"

-["Good Ol" Jim Ross]- "Calm down there King. I'm sure the great women of this federation will showcase their talents later on here tonight."

-[Jerry "The King" Lawler]- "Oh man I hope so! THat would be GREAT!"

-["Good Ol" Jim Ross]- "Well folks before we get to tonights matches, lets go backstage to Michael Cole, who is standing with the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin."

((The tiron comes on, and it shows Michael Cole and Stone Cold standing infront of the THunder interview zone. The fans see Austin, and they just go nuts! Michael Cole then begins the interview with Stone Cold STeve Austin.))

-["The Dork" Michael Cole]- "Austin. Tonight is the night. You and Christian will go one on one. With things heating up between yall, and the hunt for the Intercontinal title looming around. What are your thoughts on this match-up?"

-["Bullet Proof" Stone COld]- "Well my thoughts on this match are as followed: Tonight is the night. TOnight is the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Christian get in the ring, and go one on one! Tonight is also the night that Randy Orton, Willow The Whisp, and the rest of the GWF world, hell in fact the whole world, will realize that Stone Cold Steve Austin is the rightful contender for the GWF Intercontinal Championship! Not only em I the intercontinal championship contender, but I am also the only man who deserves to have that intercontinal championship, around my waist. Not Randy Orton, not Willow The WHsip, not Christian. Not anybody, but Stone Cold Steve Austin! Christian and I will battle it out once that bell ring, and show who is the better man, who is the rightful contender, and just like I have been saying all this time. I am that man! Your right about the whole match being heated up lately, due to the fact we are both, along with Willow The Whisp, hunting the Intercontinal Championship. A intercontinal Championship, that currently is in the hands of that punk Randy Orton. Yet the heat of this match, will not get to Stone Cold Steve Austin. It will not cause me to lose focuse, and begin to panic, knowing that this is a very big match. OH no, in no way will I get distracted. Once that bell rings, no matter what happens during the match, when its all said and done. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be holding his hands up in victory, as the fat lady, you know Randy Ortons momma, will sing!"

-["The Dork" Michael Cole]- "Well Ausitn it seems your very confident for this match tonight."

-["Bullet Proof" Stone Cold]- "Of course I am. Why shouldn't I be? Is there a reason that I should for one second, expect Christian to maybe put up a fight!"

-["The Dork" Michael Cole]- "Well Christian has had some quality wins in the past. So yeah i..."

-["Bullet Proof" Stone Cold]- "What?!"

-["The Dork" Michael Cole]- "I said ye..."

-["Bullet Proof" Stone Cold]- "Shut up! I heard what you had to say! For a moment there I just couldn't believe how stupid you are! Of course Christian is not gonna put up a fight against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Its gonna be the sound of the bell. A kick the gut, a Stone Cold Stunner, and then a one, a two and a three. Then Stone Cold Steve Austin will raise both arms in victory. Then will have a little celebration, as Stone Cold will drink ONE BEER....TWO BEER....THREE BEER....FOUR BEER....FIVE BEER...barcardi....shot of whiski...SIX BEER....SEVEN BEERE...some beer...EIGHT BEER...NINE BEER...a glass of jack daniel's finest...AND THEN TOP IT OFF WITH A TENTH BEER! Then once all that is taken care of, I'll head to the back and move onto my next match, and move ever so closer to capturing that INtercontinal Title! So no, there is no way in hell Christian will beat or even put up a fight against Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

-["The Dork" Michael Cole]- "Austin what makes you think Randy Orton will risk putting up his title against you?"

-["Bullet Proof" Stone Cold]- "For starters he calls himself the future, a great champion. Well great champions don't back away from challenges. So if Randy wants to seem like a great champion he will not hesitate to defend his Intercontinal Title against Stone Cold Steve Ausitn! Also Randy knows someway or another Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna get that title shot. So to try and look big, he is gonna go ahead and give me that title shot, knowing that no matter what he tries to do, Stone Cold Steve Austin can do whatever he wants to do, and will get a Intercontinal Championship Shot at Armageddon, if not sooner!"

-["The Dork" Michael Cole]- 'Now Austin, alot of people havn't been really discussing Willow The Whisp that much lately, even though he is invovled in this INtercontinal Title turmoil. Some people feel that he is gonna fly in under radar and still the Intercontinal Championship. What are your thoughts on this?"

-["Bullet Proof" Stone Cold]- "Well Willow The Whisp is a great competitor, and I, unlike the others, is taking him seriously. I know he can make some things happen, but that doesn't matter to me. If Willow THe Whisp ends up in a match with myself and Randy Orton for the Intercontinal Championship. I will still walk into that match, whoop some ass, drink some beer and walk out intercontinal champion...AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE...CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!"

((Austin's theme hits, as he walks off and the titron fades.))