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Eowyn & Arwen

Since times immemorial, women have competed and rivaled with one another for the love of a man... or so are we made to believe is in our nature. In a world where securing a marriage with a man means survival and stability for a woman because men make all or more money, such a competition is consequence of societal upbringing. But men look down upon women for their fickleness and disloyalty to their own gender. What is known as ďcat fightĒ is a coined term that stands in mockery of such a tragedy to sisterhood.

In Lord of the Rings, particularly in Peter Jacksonís (2002 & 2003) film version, such is the case with Eowyn and Arwen. Unbeknown to one another, they compete for Aragornís affections and Jackson really plays up on Eowynís jealousy as part of her tragedy. But why must women always fight one another in some form or another, especially for a man?

Now itís time to allow the imagination to take the reins. Femslash, part of the fan fiction phenomenon, depicts woman-on-woman romance and/or sex between female characters in existing books/movies/TV shows. Femslash allows us to ask a VERY interesting question: What if Eowyn and Arwen fell in love each with other?

Itís one possible (and fun) way of disrupting the chain of female competition for the male.

I'm working on a rewriting of the War of the Rings

*~ A Vision of Light ~*

The untold passion and sorrowful love of Eowyn and Arwen Evenstar.
(femslash; Eowyn/Arwen; Rated PG-13)

Disclaimer: The characters and the storyline of The Lord of the Rings
belong to J.R.R. Tolkien who invented them.


this site, called Magic & Steel is in a European language that i donít understand. i think itís Eastern European... :P a beautiful tribute to Arwen & Eowyn. i really wish I could read what it says!